Status of Resolution Debate at the 2017 Prairies Convention


The following resolutions were passed at the 2017 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention in Winnipeg and will be forwarded to the PSAC National Triennial Convention, scheduled to be held from April 29 to May 4, 2018 in Toronto, for consideration. See the full resolutions package.

  • Resolution FIN-009 to increase funding for Regional Health & Safety Conferences by increasing the allocation to the same level as other regional conferences.
  • Resolution FIN-013 to increase the current regional education funding provided by the national office by 25 percent.
  • Resolution FIN-007 to schedule all PSAC training and education, workshops and events on a rotating basis between standard weekends and during the regular working hours.
  • Composite Resolution FIN-004A to amend the PSAC Constitution Section 14, Sub-Section (12)(b), with respect to Area Council elections for National Triennial Convention delegates.
  • Resolution FIN-003 to increase the daily strike pay to $100 at a national level with no increase to monthly union fees.
  • Resolution GEN-016 to lobby the federal government, as well as provincial and territorial governments, with regards to legislation that assists survivors of domestic violence.
  • Resolution GEN-012 to call on the Government of Canada to recognize and honour the Indigenous Peoples with a national holiday – Indigenous Peoples Day – that would completely replace the current National Aboriginal Day observed annually on June 21.
  • Resolution GEN-013 to lobby the federal government to honour its commitment to the families of Missing Persons by expanding legislation to include historical DNA samples.
  • Resolution GEN-002 to amend the definition of “family care provider” to be any person who provides this care with receipt.
  • Resolution GEN-017 to use education resources to deliver Indigenous awareness training to the NBoD on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #57.
  • Resolution GEN-003 to direct PSAC’s education branch to develop a training program on the topic of mental health and PTSD.
  • Resolution GEN-001 to establish an education and awareness campaign to inform members on gender inequity in the Public Service Health Care Plan.
  • Resolution BL-004A to allocate funding for Regional Health and Safety committees in accordance with other regional committees. (Referred back to the Committee and carried as amended. See attached amended resolution.)
  • Emergency Resolution calling for all Locals of the PSAC promote and support the ongoing Respect Vegreville campaign and stand with CEIU Local 30876 members to fight against the closure of the CPC. (See attached emergency resolution.)


The following resolutions were passed at the 2017 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention in Winnipeg and will implemented regionally.

  • Resolution BL-008 to amend the Prairie Region By-Laws to establish the position of 2nd Alternate to the REVP.
  • Resolution BL-009 to undertake a detailed audited statement of receipts and expenditures certified by qualified accountants for each fiscal year of the PRC.
  • Resolution BL-007 to amend the Prairie Region By-Laws to require the budget variance report be presented to the PRC at every meeting.
  • Resolution BL-010 to amend the Prairie Region By-Laws to add a statement to the end of section 8 Sub-Section (d) that formalizes the review of PRC Committee Terms of Reference.


  • Resolution BL-003 calling for the Alternate REVP to automatically be assigned to the Finance Committee on the Prairie Regional Council.
  • Resolution GEN-010 to amend the PSAC Constitution to allow Aboriginal Peoples, Racially Visible Persons, Pride, Access, Equity and Women’s groups in each Region to send two delegates to the PSAC National Triennial Convention.


All remaining resolutions that weren’t debated were referred to the Prairie Region Council to be dealt with at the first meeting following Convention.

Including, an emergency resolution calling for members to be provided with direction, training, and resources to undertake coordinated national actions pressuring Members of Parliament to pass Bill S-215, which deals with sentencing for violent offences against Indigenous women. (See attached emergency resolution.)

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