Results of Elections at Prairies Convention

Elections were held throughout the weekend at the PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention. Delegates elected 14 representatives in their respective caucuses that will serve on the Prairie Region Council, as well as Regional Executive Vice-President and Alternate REVP.

Regional Executive Vice President

  • Marianne Hladun (AGR)

Alternate REVP

  • Frank Janz (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Brenda Skayman (UTE)

Aboriginal Peoples Representative

  • Sandra Ahenakew (UNE)
  • Alternate Janette Husak (UNE)
  • Second Alternate Michelle Morrisseau (UNE)

Young Workers Representative

  • Ryan Zacharias (CEIU)
  • Alternate Mackenzie Campbell (CEIU)
  • Second Alternate Glenn Hollyoake (CIU)

GLBT Persons Representative

  • Christopher Little-Gagne (UNE)
  • Alternate Tim Hubuck (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Larry Schlosser (NHU)

Regional Women’s Committees Representative

  • Deb Kosteniuk (UTE)
  • Alternate Sheilagh Hanson (NHU)
  • Second Alternate Leila White (USGE)

Northern Alberta Geographical Representative

  • Stasi L’Hirondelle (UTE)
  • Alternate Catherine Legan (CEIU)
  • Second Alternate Peter Belkosky (UTE)

Southern Alberta Geographical Representative

  • Kristy Slattery (CIU)
  • Alternate Kirsten Strachey (UTE)
  • Second Alternate Danielle Poissant (UNDE)

Northern Saskatchewan Geographical Representative

  • Valerie Illingworth (UTE)
  • Alternate Curtis Veale (AGR)
  • Second Alternate Ken Bzdel (UTE)

Southern Saskatchewan Geographical Representative

  • Tim Hubick (USGE)
  • Alternate Melissa Brandt (UNE)
  • Second Alternate Daniela Aubichon (DCL)

South-East Manitoba Geographical Representative

  • Gus Mardli (AGR)
  • Alternate Ken Yestrau (UTE)
  • Second Alternate Jamie Bonner (UHEW)

North-West Manitoba Geographical Representative

  • Michael Weisgerber (UNDE)
  • Alternate Heather McKinnon (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Jennifer Grant (CIU)

Persons with Disabilities Representative

  • Shannon Blum (USGE)
  • Alternate Lorelei Topnik (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Leila White (USGE)

Directly Chartered Locals Representative

  • Michelle Lang (DCL 40005)
  • Alternate Daniela Aubichon (DCL 40005)
  • Second Alternate Patricia Kyryluik (DCL 40005)

Separate Employers Locals Representative

  • Shaun Atilano (UVAE)
  • Alternate Wanda Quennell (UVAE)
  • Second Alternate Corey Janzen (UVAE)

Racially Visible Persons Representative

  • Phillip Chan (UNE)
  • Alternate Neha Channan (CEIU)
  • Second Alternate Samuel Zombou (AGR)

The following members were elected prior to Convention at their respective Area Council AGMs and were officially sworn in at Convention:

Edmonton Area Council Representative

  • Chris Beaton
  • Alternate Dragana Ristivojevic
  • Second Alternate Darlene Lewis

Calgary Area Council Representative

  • Alec Goertzen
  • Alternate Dale Marianicz
  • Second Alternate Phillip Chan

Lethbridge Area Council Representative 

  • Krysty Munns
  • Alternate Kathy Williams
  • No Second Alternate

Saskatoon Area Council Representative 

  • Evelyn Jackson
  • No Alternate
  • No Second Alternate

Prince Albert Area Council Representative

  • Shannon Blum
  • Alternate Pennie Young
  • No Second Alternate

Regina Area Council Representative 

  • Satinder Bains
  • Alternate Deanna Getz
  • Second Alternate Brett Pollard

Winnipeg Area Council Reresentative

  • Greg Ballendine
  • Alternate Lorelei Topnik
  • No Second Alternate

Westman Area Council Representative 

  • Glen Johnston
  • Alternate Jeff Sexton
  • Second Alternate Jennifer Grant

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