Prairies Convention - Day 3

The 7th Prairie Region Triennial Convention was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from April 21–23, 2017 with a registered total of 336 in attendance, including 296 delegates, 7 guests, 4 NBoD, and 29 Observers.


The day began with the election of the Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP), Alternate REVP, and 2nd Alternate REVP. UNE National President Doug Marshall chaired the elections and voting was done using electronic voting devices.

Delegates recommitted their support to Marianne Hladun for a second elected term as REVP. She ran on her "proven past," which includes experience on the regional council, as a bargaining team member, as a national officer and a Vice President to a Federation of Labour. 

Regional Executive Vice President

  • Marianne Hladun (AGR)

Alternate REVP

  • Frank Janz (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Brenda Skayman (UTE)

Earlier that morning, prior to the start of regular session, the election for Racially Visible PRC Rep was held. The successful candidates were as follows:

Racially Visible Persons Representative

  • Phillip Chan (UNE)
  • Alternate Neha Channan (CEIU)
  • Second Alternate Samuel Zombou (AGR)

Prior to adjournment, PSAC National President Robyn Benson lead the Oath of Office for all newly elected PRC Reps, Alternates and 2nd Alternates.

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Convention Business

The following resolutions were passed at the 2017 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention in Winnipeg on day three:

  • Resolution BL-004A to allocate funding for Regional Health and Safety committees in accordance with other regional committees. (Referred back to the Committee on day one and carried as amended on day three.)
  • Resolution BL-010 to amend the Prairie Region By-Laws to add a statement to the end of section 8 Sub-Section (d) that formalizes the review of PRC Committee Terms of Reference.
  • Resolution GEN-013 to lobby the federal government to honour its commitment to the families of Missing Persons by expanding legislation to include historical DNA samples.
  • Resolution GEN-002 to amend the definition of “family care provider” to be any person who provides this care with receipt.
  • Resolution GEN-017 to use education resources to deliver Indigenous awareness training to the NBoD on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #57.
  • Resolution GEN-003 to direct PSAC’s education branch to develop a training program on the topic of mental health and PTSD.
  • Resolution GEN-001 to establish an education and awareness campaign to inform members on gender inequity in the Public Service Health Care Plan.

The complete status of resolution debate at the 2017 Prairies Convention has been posted on the PSAC Prairie Region website.

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