Prairies Convention - Day 2

The 7th Prairie Region Triennial Convention was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from April 21–23, 2017 with a registered total of 336 in attendance, including 296 delegates, 7 guests, 4 NBoD, and 29 Observers.

Morning Session

Day two opened with an address from Kevin Rebeck, Manitoba Federation of Labour President, who brought greetings to delegates on behalf of the more than 100,000 working women and men across the province that the Manitoba Federation of Labour’s affiliates represent.

"We don’t need a government that cuts services that families count on," he told delegates. "We need a government that builds up public services and respects workers and their rights. We need a government that will negotiate, not legislate."

The duration of the morning was spent on resolutions debate. Convention took recess at lunch because PRC elections were scheduled all afternoon.

View all the photos from Day Two of the Prairie Region Triennial Convention on the PSAC Prairies Facebook page.

Convention Business

The following resolutions were passed at the 2017 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention in Winnipeg on day two:

  • Resolution FIN-009 to increase funding for Regional Health & Safety Conferences by increasing the allocation to the same level as other regional conferences.
  • Resolution FIN-013 to increase the current regional education funding provided by the national office by 25 percent.
  • Resolution FIN-007 to schedule all PSAC training and education, workshops and events on a rotating basis between standard weekends and during the regular working hours.
  • Composite Resolution FIN-004A to amend the PSAC Constitution Section 14, Sub-Section (12)(b), with respect to Area Council elections for National Triennial Convention delegates.
  • Resolution FIN-003 to increase the daily strike pay to $100 at a national level with no increase to monthly union fees.
  • Resolution GEN-016 to lobby the federal government, as well as provincial and territorial governments, with regards to legislation that assists survivors of domestic violence.
  • Resolution GEN-012 to call on the Government of Canada to recognize and honour the Indigenous Peoples with a national holiday – Indigenous Peoples Day – that would completely replace the current National Aboriginal Day observed annually on June 21.
  • Emergency Resolution calling for all Locals of the PSAC promote and support the ongoing Respect Vegreville campaign and stand with CEIU Local 30876 members to fight against the closure of the CPC.

After passing the resolution supporting Vegreville, delegates watched a video about the effects of the closure on Vegreville and stood proudly with #RespectVegreville signs to take photos. View the photos on the PSAC Prairies Facebook page.

The complete status of resolution debate at the 2017 Prairies Convention has been posted on the PSAC Prairie Region website.

Banquet & Awards

To kick off the banquet evening, delegates had exclusive, after hours access to four galleries at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, including: What are Human Rights?, Indigenous Perspectives, Canadian Journeys, and Protecting Rights in Canada.

Prior to dinner, delegates mingled in the Garden of Contemplation in the atrium of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. They also participated in the "Selfies for Social Justice" photo booth by taking photos of themselves with various human rights themed posters and filling out blank posters that asked "What Do Human Rights Mean to You?"

A buffet dinner was served in the Bonnie & John Buhler Hall, with a special welcome to the Museum from Julia Peristerakis, a Curator at the Museum and PSAC member.

The Convention Host Committee facilitated a fabulous silent auction with great prizes. They raised $3,000 throughout the night, which will be donated to the Merchants Corner to help create affordable student housing in Winnipeg’s inner city.

The night finished with the presentation of the Prairie Voice Awards, which are presented to members who have provided exemplary service or have been role models and mentors for our members. The objective is to recognize PSAC members for their commitment to the labour movement and work that benefits PSAC members in the Prairies.

View photos from the banquet and the Prairie Voice Awards on the PSAC Prairies Facebook Page.


The following elections were held for Prairie Region Council positions:

Young Workers Representative

  • Ryan Zacharias (CEIU)
  • Alternate Mackenzie Campbell (CEIU)
  • Second Alternate Glenn Hollyoake (CIU)

GLBT Persons Representative

  • Christopher Little-Gagne (UNE)
  • Alternate Tim Hubuck (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Larry Schlosser (NHU)

Regional Women’s Committees Representative

  • Deb Kosteniuk (UTE)
  • Alternate Sheilagh Hanson (NHU)
  • Second Alternate Leila White (USGE)

Northern Alberta Geographical Representative

  • Stasi L’Hirondelle (UTE)
  • Alternate Catherine Legan (CEIU)
  • Second Alternate Peter Belkosky (UTE)

Southern Alberta Geographical Representative

  • Kristy Slattery (CIU)
  • Alternate Kirsten Strachey (UTE)
  • Second Alternate Danielle Poissant (UNDE)

Northern Saskatchewan Geographical Representative

  • Valerie Illingworth (UTE)
  • Alternate Curtis Veale (AGR)
  • Second Alternate Ken Bzdel (UTE)

Southern Saskatchewan Geographical Representative

  • Tim Hubick (USGE)
  • Alternate Melissa Brandt (UNE)
  • Second Alternate Daniela Aubichon (DCL)

South-East Manitoba Geographical Representative

  • Gus Mardli (AGR)
  • Alternate Ken Yestrau (UTE)
  • Second Alternate Jamie Bonner (UHEW)

North-West Manitoba Geographical Representative

  • Michael Weisgerber (UNDE)
  • Alternate Heather McKinnon (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Jennifer Grant (CIU)

Persons with Disabilities Representative

  • Shannon Blum (USGE)
  • Alternate Lorelei Topnik (USGE)
  • Second Alternate Leila White (USGE)

Directly Chartered Locals Representative

  • Michelle Lang (DCL 40005)
  • Alternate Daniela Aubichon (DCL 40005)
  • Second Alternate Patricia Kyryluik (DCL 40005)

Separate Employers Locals Representative

  • Shaun Atilano (UVAE)
  • Alternate Wanda Quennell (UVAE)
  • Second Alternate Corey Janzen (UVAE)

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