Westman Area Council Meeting Minutes (July 12, 2022)

Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:
Michael Weisgerber, Chair.
Jennifer Grant, Treasurer.
Chad Lelonde, member.
Tracy Thor, PSAC Reg Rep.

  • Call to Order – 5:04pm
  • Statement on Harassment
  • Adoption of Agenda – Moved by Jennifer Grant, Seconded by Chad Lelonde
  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Adoption of April 4, 2022 Minutes — Moved as amended by Jennifer Grant, Seconded by Chad Lelonde
  • President’s Report —  Pride Brandon took place on June 18 and quite a few PSAC members came by the tent, great event. Westman AC donated to the Brandon Pride and purchased some candy to hand out
  • Treasurer’s Report — $609.04 left in the bank account less the approx $180 of Pride expense that were preapproved by Marianne as the WMAC financial package and 2022 budget request has not been responded to as of yet.
  • Old Business – nothing
  • PSAC Triennial National Convention – Michael advised that the online convention was not smooth and seems to have so many intentional interruptions that only a few of the priority resolutions were addressed. The convention did pass a budget that will result in a small dues increase. Chris Aylward was re-elected as National President and Sharon DeSouza was elected as National Vice President.
  • Bargaining Updates – Tracy advised that since speaking to the Shilo Local, the PSAC has applied for the PIC and has approved the Unions PIC board person for each of the SV, TV, PA and EB groups. PIC submission from the employer and the Union will be upcoming but don’t expect any meetings dates until maybe September as dates over the summer are difficult to coordinate. All this adds to the pressure applied to the Employer to sit down and negotiate a fair deal. Goal now is to get the non-binding PIC report to hopefully help the parties negotiate. Parks Canada and FBs also exchanged demands and the goal for all groups over the summer tis to reach out to members and to ensure that the member contact information is accurate, talking about bargaining and ow the next steps might be strike training and eventually strike votes.
  • Upcoming Activities – Labour Day event will be the next activities for the WMAC. Brandon and District Labour Council will take the lead on the event, and it has been announce that it will take place on Mon Sept 5 at the UFCW location (park behind) WMAC will have a table with info and will donate to the Labour Day BBQ.
  • Points from the Floor – Jen talked bout the struggles at the workplace with CBSA and Chad asked about the best route to promote some change with the pensionable service for reservists who are also part of the public service.
  • Next meeting – Thursday September 22

Adjournment – Michael adjourned the meeting at 5:42 pm