Webinar: What do we need to consider in a return to work

This interactive webinar discussed a variety of pertinent pieces of information as we slowly make our returns to the workplace. Highlights of the webinar include the following;

  • We discussed the factors that need to be considered in in a safe return to work. For workplaces that continued to remain open, this served as a review
  • What the role of committees and representatives are in planning, implementation and monitoring of H&S plans and policies 
  • What questions should members be asking to ensure that their own needs are met
  • Disclosure of vaccination status, and the concept of mandatory vaccinations, what is the union’s role in medical privacy, accommodations, and H&S legislation. We also looked at the latest guidance on the topic

Resources are provided below, including;

Should you have any questions regarding this information, or would like to be included in Clint’s H&S contact list, please contact Clint Wirth at wirthc@psac-afpc.com