Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee AGM Meeting Minutes (Feb 5, 2021)

Attendance: Audrey Berlovan, Tasha Felix, Vesna Nikolic, Corinne McKay, Louise Mardell, Amy Saengmany

              Meeting held by Skype for business

Land acknowledgement and harassment statement –

  • Introductions – Welcome everyone
  • Previous minutes – approved and accepted
  • Review Agenda – approved
  • Covid-19 Exacerbations of violence against women – solutions/responses? –
    • Develop resource list to post on Facebook page
    • Watch for other opportunities to advise that are available
    • Family violence program – connect to see who they support/fund
  • Financial Report
    • Good financial standing for the upcoming calendar year
    • $577.14 currently in bank account
    • Only expenses for 2020 were donations and seasonal hampers (Gift card)
      • Elena donated her gift card to the Saskatoon Mother Center
      • Tasha donated her gift card to Bannock express
    • No auditing required for the financial report due to Covid-19
    • One receipt to be sent to Tasha to complete the report
  • New executive –  by consensus all individuals stayed in their respective positions
    • Chair – Corinne McKay
    • Secretary – Audrey Berlovan
    • Treasurer – Tasha Felix
    • Facebook/Communications –  Amy Saengmany
    • Amy to be added to executive on the website
  • Meeting schedule 2021
    • Third Tuesday every other month – March 16, May 18, September 21, November 23
    • Meeting to be held via msteams 5:00pm – 6:00pm
    • Meeting notices to be sent to the Regional Office two weeks prior to meeting date including the agenda
  • Other business arising –
    • using other methods for meeting i.e. zoom, msteams
    • Upcoming education opportunities
      • OHS workshop done by Clint if we need any type of OHS workshop please let Louise know.
      • Workshops will be recorded and posted on Website
    • Lani Elliot as a guest speaker – Tasha/Corinne will contact her for availability, will try for the March meeting – we will need to get the message out via website and Facebook to encourage participation
    • RWC reps and chairs Regional zoom call February 23 – require registration via the email link
    • May 18th meeting for planning

Meeting adjourned