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Events and Courses

  • Winnipeg Human Rights Committee - Notice of Meeting

    Nov 13 starts at 5:15 pm

    PSAC Winnipeg Office at Unit 460, 175 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg All self Identified Equity members are invited Light supper, committee to be advised of any dietary needs


  • This workshop will help Stewards and Union Reps to recognize when conflict emerges. Participants will develop an understanding of how to strategically deal with conflict as a Steward or Union Rep. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice your skills dealing with conflict

  • Grievance Handling:

    2 Day Workshop open to all Southern AB Locals (All members, and new Local Stewards are encouraged to apply).

    Gives new shop Stewards essential knowledge for handling Level I Grievances. Participants gain a better understanding of how to work with members at the initial stages of the grievance procedure and how to mobilize members around workplace problems.


  • This workshop will explain why domestic violence is a workplace issue and what the union can do to support members who experience domestic violence; identify the role and responsibilities of the parties with regards to supporting someone in the workplace who experiences domestic violence; recognize signs, in the workplace, that someone might be experiencing domestic violence; support and refer members who experience domestic violence; and deliver a short awareness presentation to members,  on domestic violence in the workplace.

  • To all MB Locals, National Officers, Committees and Prairie Region Council Members:

    Please distribute widely and through your social networks!

    All PSAC members 35 years of age and younger are invited to attend the Young Workers’ Committee meeting on Wednesday, November 20th at 5:30pm.  We are looking to re-establish this Committee and need your input!