PRC Minutes



PRC Conference Call Monday, October 2, 2017

Attended: Sandra Ahenakew, Satinder Bains, Chris Beaton, Shannon Blum, Phillip Chan, Alec Goertzen, Tim Hubick, Valerie Illingworth, Frank Janz, Glen Johnston, Deb Kosteniuk, Michelle Lang, Stasi L’Hirondelle, Christopher Little-Gagne, Gus Mardli, Michael Weisgerber, Pennie Young, Marianne Hladun, Michael Smith (Chair of Committee)

Had to leave call: Kristy Slattery, Shaun Atilano

Staff: Tom Milne, Alison Davis

Regrets: Evelyn Jackson, Krysty Munns

Absent: Ryan Zacharias

Call to order:

Call to order by Sr. Hladun at 7:05 p.m.

Sr. Marianne Hladun explains that she received a complaint per Section 25 of the PSAC Constitution. She struck an Investigation Committee and they did an investigation and prepared the report which was sent out to the PRC. The report needs to be accepted and then there will be discussion and a vote(s) on any motion(s) put forward. She advises that there are four options for the recommendation: it can be accepted, amended, rejected or sent to the NBoD for a decision. If a suspension is recommended, then it must go to the NBoD for approval. There is an appeal process. She advises that Brother Michael Smith is the chair of the committee and will present the report and answer any questions.

m/s Stasi L’Hirondelle Chris Beaton

Motion to accept the Investigation Committee report (see Appendix A).



Attended: Satinder Bains, Deanna Getz, Alec Goertzen, Jennifer Grant, Kim Haynes, Janette Husak, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Chad Kemery, Gregory Krokosh, Michelle Lang, Ben Lemon, Trudy Lerat, Gus Mardli, Jackie Nettleton, Matt Tijani, Marianne Hladun Staff: Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis 

Regrets: Timothy Hunt, Sam Akinsanya 

Call to order: 7:04 pm 

Marianne asked if everyone had a chance to read the XO from Sister Robyn Benson that was sent this morning. It contains direction for how we need to look at booking our Convention location. 

Alison advised that she has looked into Calgary, Edmonton and Banff for the 2017 Prairies Convention. Edmonton was the only feasible option because it has the Shaw Conference Centre and two unionized hotels. The date they have available is May 5-7, 2017 and they can offer us 330 rooms/night between the two hotels. There is no other hotel that can provide unionized rooms and the two hotels have offered their max numbers. 

Alison advises that the XO/28/15 clarifies that we must be looking for space that could accommodate our max number of delegates and staff which would be approximately 490. Given this number she contacted the Fairmont in Winnipeg to check for availability. They have June 16-18, available and the Radisson and Fort Garry hotels could cover the remainder of the rooms needed to the max 490. The Fairmont also has April 21-23, 2017 available but still am awaiting confirmation from the Canad Inn Polo Park to see if they have availability that weekend. 

It was asked how an XO can be challenged and Marianne advises that an XO can only be challenged by a motion at an NBoD meeting. 

The PRC asks Alison to look into availability in Regina for the same three month period. No costing will be done but just look at availability of the space needed. The next call is scheduled for September 10, 2015 at 7 pm (MB time). 

Meeting adjourned.

PRC Conference Call 
Thursday, September 10, 2015 

Attended: Sam Akinsanya, Deanna Getz, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Deb Kosteniuk, Gregory Krokosh, Michelle Lang, Ben Lemon, Trudy Lerat, Gus Mardli, Jackie Nettleton, Murray Pruden, Matt Tijani, Marianne Hladun Staff: Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis 

Regrets: Chad Kemery 

Call to order: 7:05 pm 

Marianne conveyed that right before the PRC call Sister Benson found out we were considering June 16-18 in Winnipeg, and instructed that we could not hold the Prairies Convention on those dates, as the North and BC had already confirmed those dates for their Conventions. 

When Alison reviewed the calendar of events, dated August 19, the only Convention listed was the North. However, Robyn confirmed BC has also booked and there cannot be three regional conventions on the same weekend, due to limited resources from headquarters (IT assistance, support staff, political advisors, etc.). 

Alison advised that our only other available date in Winnipeg during the three-month window (April – June) is April 21-23. We’d just have to reconfirm the rooms are available. 

Alison gave the same three months to Regina and worked with the Queensbury Convention Centre to find available dates. During those three months, only eight weekends didn’t have a conflict with our calendar of events. Of those weekends, only three weekends worked for the Convention Centre. 

Alison gave those three available weekends to Tourism Regina and asked them to look into rooms. We are required to be able to book 490 rooms, as close together as possible and in the same quality of hotel, if possible. They came back with one set of dates: May 26-28, 2017. 

Alison hasn’t looked into costing. As discussed on the previous PRC call, we were only looking into the possibility of holding it in Regina and available dates. We’re on a “first option” for Fairmont, which means if another interested party wants those dates, we have 24 hours to sign a contract. 

When making the decision, we need to consider what location will provide the best delegate experience. 

Marianne advised PRC that before we had a specific convention line item we would always take $40-50,000 from surplus to use for regional convention. That option is 

always there, with the recommendation and approval of the Council so its not necessarily a decision based solely on cost. Currently, because we had a lot of last-minute cancellations for the 2014 regional convention, we have approximately $40,000 left in the regional convention account. 

Marianne did a roundtable of all PRC members present on the call asking if there were further questions and/or if they had a preference before a motion was accepted. Additional questions answered and comments included: 

  •  Restaurants etc. are closer in Winnipeg 
  •  Delegates to the 2014 convention passed a resolution to rotate among the provinces even though Winnipeg is cheaper. 
  •  Based on experience with the two cities, Winnipeg has a better surrounding circle of hotels. We have to consider the delegates’ experience. In Winnipeg we have an opportunity to go to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Maybe we can hold a gala there. There are some more opportunities in Winnipeg. 
  •  Preference for Winnipeg because of logistics and we had it in Saskatchewan last time so it’s Manitoba’s turn in the rotation. 
  •  One of the things that can create problems for us is to move people around logistically. For that reason, Winnipeg would be preferable. 
  •  Question was raised about max number of rooms per hotel. Alison advised that in Regina the rooms available are: Ramada 120, Hotel Sask 100, Delta Regina 150, Double Tree, 121 = 491. 
  •  Preference for Winnipeg because Fairmont has hosted it before so it’s easier, the fact we can hold it in the ballroom and everything’s downtown. Plus, the Delta could only hold 150, where Fairmont can max out at 250. 
  •  Question asked if we have quorum? (Yes.) Will the minutes be published? (Yes.) Will the XO letter be published with the minutes? (Yes, we can include it.) 
  •  Concern that Alberta is being ostracized because of the XO and unless unions organize, they’ll still be ostracized. 

Marianne advised that she invited Robyn to the November 27-29 PRC meeting, but she was already booked to attend BC’s Regional Council meeting. 


While it has been the practice to rotate the location for the Prairies Convention through each of the Prairie Provinces; 

In light of the issuance of XO/28/15, dated September 2, 2015, as no appropriate venues are available in the province of Alberta; 

Be it resolved the Prairies Regional Convention be held in Winnipeg, April 21-23, 2017. 

m/s/c Gus Mardli, Matt Tijani (recorded vote attached)

Recorded vote – CARRIED

Meeting ajourned.
Vote Record
“PSAC Use of Unionised Facilities and Services”


Minutes from May 29, 2013 Prairie Region Council conference call.

Marianne Hladun, Dave Burchell, Denni Ernst, David Fandrich, Deborah Ferguson, Tim Hogan, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Jackie Nettleton, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Matt Tijani, Clint Wirth, Lisa Garnier,
Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis

Regrets :
Jerad Cooper, Alec Goertzen, Petrina Runns

No response:
Imy Bhatty, Shaun Brennand, Keith Gauthier, Alex George, Chad Kemery, Darlene Lewis, Steve Van Opstal

The package from the PRC Finance Committee was sent out this morning.  The Committee is looking for input, from the PRC, while recognizing that the final decision could be made by the REVP.  Brother Goertzen sent an email this morning, which has been sent to the PRC, with concerns as to the time frame in which the document had been sent. 

Sr. Hladun polled PRC on the call.  There were no objections from the PRC to go through the report and discuss how to proceed. 

The Finance Committee has reviewed and done an extensive analysis of the packages that were submitted from the Area Councils, Regional Women’s Committees, Human Rights Committees & Regional Aboriginal Peoples Circle. A couple of Committees have still not provided information or the package is incomplete.

The recommendations are as follows:

RECOMMENDATION A – Committees/Councils are to be designated as Active, Inactive or Closed.

Designation of Inactive means:

  • An indication that the committee/council needs some assistance from PRC reps and RO staff to move forward.
  • No monies are to be spent or committed until a plan is developed and reviewed by the REVP with the exception of reasonable expenses for planning meetings to prepare a plan.
  • All financial records are to be retained by the nearest Regional Office.
  • Committee/council is to work with the respective PRC member to come up with a plan to ensure financial and reporting requirements are fulfilled and to develop realistic short term goals to ensure the committee/council continues moving forward.  Plans are to be submitted to the Finance Committee via the REVP’s office. PRC reps, RO staff and REVP will monitor progress.
  • If a plan is not submitted within a reasonable timeframe or if the submitted plan is not being implemented, the REVP may request that PRC designate the committee/council as Closed.
  • committees/councils will not receive an annual budget allocation unless recommended by the Finance Committee based on the plan of action .
  • Monies will still be retained for convention to ensure sufficient funds are available if the committee/council is deemed active prior to convention.

The PRC was in agreement on Recommendation A.  It was requested that bullet two under Inactive be expanded.  This change has been included.

Designation of Closed means:

  • Bank accounts must be closed and all funds must be returned to the REVP’s office.  The REVP will hold the funds and only release after consultation with the Finance Committee.
  • All financial records and documents must be returned to the nearest Regional Office
  • Committee/council will not be eligible to send a delegate to convention. Any funds currently being held in the convention delegate fund will be put into the convention line item.


Based on the information provided, the Finance Committee recommends the distribution of funds as follows:

Calgary HRC: $1200.00
North Sask RAPC: $2000.00

The other two active HRC’s (Regina and Winnipeg) currently have sufficient funds to operate and implement planned activities identified in their submitted budgets for 2013.

It is recommended that the Edmonton HRC be designated as inactive. 

The Saskatoon HRC has not been active for many years and will be officially closed and the funds in the account will be recouped by the REVP office.

Convention funds will be held for all 5 committees/circles.


Based on the information provided, the Finance Committee recommends the distribution of funds as follows:

Lethbridge RWC: $1500.00
Calgary RWC: $2000.00

The other active RWC’s currently have sufficient funds to operate and implement planned activities identified in their submitted budgets for 2013.

It is recommended that the Edmonton RWC, Prince Albert RWC & Westman RWC be designated as inactive. 

Convention funds will be held for all 8 RWC’s.


Based on the information provided, the Finance Committee recommends the distribution of funds as follows:

Edmonton AC: $1500.00
Lethbridge AC: $750.00
Calgary AC: $1500.00
Winnipeg AC: $1500.00
Westman AC: $750.00

The other active Area Councils currently have ample funds to operate and implement planned activities for 2013 or specifically identified no additional funds needed for 2013.

It is recommended that the Prince Albert Area Council be designated as inactive. 

Convention funds will be held for all 8 Area Councils.


Finance Committee recommends that unallocated funds:

  • Be used for the sole purpose of the committees/councils.

Option A – the funds be used to host a one-day (Saturday) meeting for one rep from each committee and PRC for the purpose of discussing recruitment strategies. One meeting per province held at the most economical location (e.g. Sask. meeting could be held in Davidson and members could carpool from each location)

Option B – funds could be held and used for newspaper ad buys in local newspapers that would support the work of the area councils or committees

Option C – the funds remain in reserve until the next PRC meeting when a discussion could take place (recruitment initiatives?)

The PRC was in agreement that any remaining funds would be used solely for the purpose of committee/council work.  No final decision was made on how the unallocated funds would be used.  This will be discussed at later date. 


  • Glen would like to see a procedure for submitting minutes of Councils/Committees to ensure they are posted to the website.
  • Marianne advised that there is a staff rep assigned to each committee/area council.  Currently in the process of documenting the role of staff working with committees/area councils.  Lisa says they are there to provide resources but need to define their specific role.  Marianne and Lisa will have further discussions.
  • Marianne says that it is important that committees/area councils get the assistance, education and support they need especially those which will be designated inactive.  PRC reps assigned to committees/area councils should work with the applicable Staff rep.
  • The procedures document is intended to streamline financial accounting as financial accountability is very important to the membership.
  • Marianne thanks the committees/area councils for working through this new process.  She will be reviewing the procedures document again so that it can reflect input that has been received.
  • The funds that will be held will not be used for any newly created Young Workers Committees.  Those committees would receive a $500.00 start up cheque from Ottawa and each region will receive $12,000.00 for Young Worker initiatives.  There are also line items within the PRC budget that can be used.
  • The PRC budget passed at Convention specifies an amount to be received by Area Councils ($1500.00) but the division of allocated funds to HRC’s and RWC’s are not defined.  Marianne asks if it is fiscally responsible to provide the $1500.00 to area councils that have large bank balances, have not requested any funds or are inactive. 
  • Letters will be sent to every committee/area council advising of details pertinent to their specific committee/area council.

A survey monkey will be sent to the PRC tomorrow asking the Council if they agree to sending out the funds as recommended.  There will be a one week deadline to respond so that cheques can be sent out as soon as possible. 

Next monthly PRC update call will be on Tuesday, June 11, 2013.

End 11:40 a.m. 


(Aug 2012)

Present: Marianne Hladun, Imy Bhatty, Shaun Brennand, Jerad Cooper, Alex George, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Glen Johnston, ChadKemery, Nina Kiviluoma, Denni Nelson, Jackie Nettleton, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Matt Tijani, Clint Wirth, Lisa Garnier, Alison Davis

Regrets: Amanda-Rose Bourget, Dave Burchell, David Fandrich, Tim Hogan, Nancy Johnson, Petrina Runns, Steve Van Opstal

Sister Hladun reconfirmed that the conference call has been called to decide on the location of the 2014 Prairie Region Convention with two cities being considered: Regina and Saskatoon.  The process used by the REVP’s office to gather the information and proposals was facilitated by Tourism Saskatoon and the Regina Hotel Association (Conventions Regina).  Site tours were conducted in July with Sister Gaelle Felix – Convention, Conferences and Project Officer and Sister Alison Davis – Executive Assistant to the REVP Prairies.

Sister Hladun did a walk through of the proposal package which was sent to the Prairie Region Council prior to the call.  The only available dates, in June, are the same in both cities, June 27-29, 2014.  The package outlines the breakdown of potential costs for plenary space, accommodation, transportation and meals.

The Council discussed the proposal package and considerations were given to the following:

  • commitment to holding convention in Saskatchewan
  • proximity of hotels to convention sites
  • scheduling of buses (Regina) to accommodate early/late caucus meetings, meet and greet and banquet
  • logistics of buses to pick up at four hotels (Regina) and additional staff required to assist in the facilitation
  • possibility of buses running empty
  • proximity of lunch venues to convention sites
  • dietary needs of delegates, obeservers and guests if lunch is required to be served on site
  • higher observer fee to offset transportation and lunch costs (Regina)
  • no registration on Thursday (Regina) due to transportation costs and a later start on Friday (potential bottleneck at registration desks in the morning)
  • overall costs and possible discounts offered by convention sites
  • staffing required for both cities
  • modes of travel into convention city


That the 2014 Prairie Region Convention be held in Saskatoon.


The PRC voted – 11 yes, 3 no, 7 absent, 2 abstain 
Recorded vote details

(May 2012)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call
May 24, 2012, 1:00 pm

Present: Marianne Hladun, Shaun Brennand, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Denni Nelson, David Pearson, Matt Tijani, Steve Van Opstal, Clint Wirth, Alison Davis
Regrets: Dave Burchell, Susan Norman

Sister Hladun advised that she is currently in travel status while she secures long term accomodation in Winnipeg.  She has been travelling a lot and will continue to do so in June with the upcoming NBoD meeting and other sheduled events.  She will not be claiming expenses when she is in Saskatoonon personal time.  She committed to keeping the Council up to date, by sending out her schedule on a regular basis, so that they can join her at events wherever possible.
She asked those present on the call to confirm if they had approved the March PRC minutes and April conference call minutes as Sister Alison Davis had not had enough responses to be able to post them on the website. 

Sister Marianne touched on the following:

  • Public Service Week – a copy of the latest XO was sent to the Council today and it has been posted on the National website.  A letter will be written to go out in the Prairies from Marianne.  The NBoD has approved a resolution asking Locals not to help fund Employer events.  Regional Offices will be working, with Area Councils in particular, to help plan our own events.  Sister Denni Nelson advised that the Prince Albert Area Council will be hosting a bbq.
  • The Northern Saskatchewan Regional Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle has been recognized at the AEC.  She hopes to meet with them in the next month.
  • Regional Youth Committees – the resolution passed at Convention and funding will begin in 2013.  Newly formed Committees will still need three Components to be recognized at the AEC.  Sister Amanda-Rose Bourget will be contacted to discuss further.
  • The next PRC meeting will likely be held in September.  It is proposed that we try to overlap with the Prairie Staff Conference which is being held, in Winnipeg, September 17-21.  Alison will consult the calendar of events and look at a potential to overlap during those dates.  We will follow up with the Council.  At the September meeting, the Council will be going through the new bylaws, discussing actions and strategies, how Council members can play a more prominent role moving forward over the next two years.  PRC Reps are expected to submit reports as well as Committee reports for the September meeting.  If you need assistance in setting up conference calls, please contact the staff person assigned to your committee or Alison Davis.
  • Election of Altternate REVP will be done through the National office by mail in ballot.
  • Summer Campaign – “We Are All Affected” – there is funding available for this campaign. Regional Reps will be working with Area Councils to put forward proposals.
  • There will be a renovation of the REVP office in July and August.  During those months we will be working out of the boardroom.
  • The Prairie Region Health & Safety Conference is in the planning stages.  Brother Bruce Campbell is working with the H & S Committee. 
  • 2014 Prairie Region Convention is still being planned for Saskatchewan.  We are working with Sister Gaelle Felix – Convention Officer, who is assisting in the process.  As soon as we have more information, we will have a conference call with the Convention Committee.
  • AECportofolios will not be assigned until the next AECmeeting.

Action – Brother Hunt has asked for an update on the plans for a Convention for equity seeking groups, there has not been a meeting yet.  Sister Marianne said she would look into it.
Conference call adjourned at 1:35 pm.

(April 2012)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call
April 18, 2012, 3:00 p.m.

Present: Robyn Benson, Shaun Brennand, Jerad Cooper, David Fandrich, Alec Goertzen, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Denni Nelson, Jackie Nettleton, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Clint Wirth, Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis

Sister Benson provided an overview on the cuts so far in the Prairies.  Each Council member, on the call, gave a brief update.  Letters have been sent to all three Federal Councils asking for joint adjustment committees. 

Another round of cuts is anticipated on April 30, information will be shared as it becomes available.

The Prairies region will go ahead with a display of photos, at the upcoming PSAC Triennial Convention, to showcase the work being done.  All the Regions participating will be structured the same way; photos will be shown with a digital picture frame.


(June 2011)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call
June 22, 2011 1:00 pm 

Present: Robyn Benson, Imy Bhatty, Jennifer Borean, Amanda-Rose Bourget, Jerad Cooper, Alex George, Tim Hogan, Timothy Hunt, Glen Johnston, Gloria Kelly, Chad Kemery, Denni Nelson, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Matt Tijani, Patricia Davis, Jeffrey Vallis, Alison DavisRegrets: Shaun Brennand, Dave Burchell, Alec Goertzen, Marianne Hladun, Nancy Johnson, Kevin King, Nina Kiviluoma, Fran Mohr, Jackie Nettleton

Our first official Prairie Region Council meeting will be held in Saskatoon, Thurs. Aug. 25 to Sun. Aug. 28. No one on the call had any conflicts with these dates, but please indicate if they do not work for you as soon as possible, so that we can continue with planning.

The meeting will include get to know each other and workstyles activities and discussion on how we will work with each other, administration information (including expense claims and what PSAC will cover), communications (including website, media training, lobbying training, communication with council), planning sessions for what we are doing in 2012, committees and council business, resolutions from Convention, and more.

We will be holding leadership meetings in the fall months throughout the Prairie region to plan our fight back efforts within our region. We will do our best to ensure these meetings don’t conflict with component conventions.

Our fight back efforts in this region must have a Prairies flavor ­­–– it needs our own look, feel and identity. We will focus on changing the public’s perception of federal employees and unions in general, and work to combat what CFIB is doing to diminish unions.

If you haven’t accessed your PSAC e-mail already, please do. This is the last e-mail we will be sending with a CC to your personal e-mail addresses. Going forward, all communication from PSAC will go to your PSAC e-mail addresses, so please access it frequently. If you have any problems accessing your e-mail, have forgotten your password, or have questions about how to use it, please contact Jeffrey Vallis  at (204) 943-5499.

(April 2011)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call April 18, 2011 1:00 pm

Present: Robyn Benson, Satinder Bains, Alisha Bigelow, Shaun Brennand, Jo Chelick, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Glen Johnston, Frank Lloyd, Fran Mohr, Susan Norman, Jackie Nettleton, David Pearson, Gerry Pendulak, Matt Tijani, Gerald Wiegers, Clint Wirth, Pat Davis, Alison Davis

Regrets: Rahil Ahmad, Tanya Galenzoski, Marianne Hladun, Nancy Johnson Chad Kemery, Nina Kiviluoma, Kevin King

The Prairie Region Council met by conference call on April 18 to discuss a change of wording to Resolution #23. Recorded vote attached.
Recorded vote


(Dec 2010)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call December 15, 2010 2:00 pm

Present: Robyn Benson, Marianne Hladun, Satinder Bains, Alisha Bigelow, Tanya Galenzoski, Alec Goertzen, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Frank Lloyd, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Gerry Pendulak, Matt Tijani, Clint Wirth, Patricia Davis, Jeffrey Vallis, Alison Davis

Regrets: Chad Kemery, Gerald Wiegers

1) Season’s Greetings

Greetings to be sent out on behalf of the Council and posted on the website.

2) Negotiations Update

Sister Benson gave an update on the Royal Canadian Mint, Saskatoon Airport and Canada Post.

3) Convention

Sister Susan Norman and Brother Glen Johnston are working on resolutions for the January PRC meeting. The bags for Convention have arrived at the REVP’s office and one will be brought to the January meeting.

4) Treasury Board Ratification Votes

Sister Benson addressed the issue of a recount. She advised that requests for a recount are being sent to Brother John Gordon’s office and responses will be coming from Ottawa.

5) Website

There will be changes made to the website prior to Convention and it will be more user friendly.

6) Local Presidents Meeting

The Council discussed the possibility of having Local Presidents meetings. It will be further dicussed at the January 2011 Prairie Region Council meeting.

(August 2010)

Prairie Region Council Conference Call August 9, 2010 11:15 am
Present: Robyn Benson, Marianne Hladun, Alisha Bigelow, Shaun Brennand, Tanya Galenzoski, Frank Lloyd, Susan Norman, David Pearson, Clint Wirth, Bryan Smith (Edmonton*), Deanna Kimball

Regrets: Rahil Ahmad, Satinder Bains, Carol Casey (Saskatoon*), Danial Curotte (Calgary*), Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston (Westman*), Chad Kemery, Nina Kiviluoma, Fran Mohr, Bill Osborne, Gerry Pendulak (Winnipeg*), Matt Tijani, Mary Veilleux, Gerald Wiegers, Andre Paul (Prince Albert*), Connie Gress (Regina*), Lorna Selinger (Lethbridge*)

*Area Council delegates to PSAC National Triennial Convention April 2009

1) PSAC National Triennial Convention

Sister Benson gave an overview of Convention and invited Council members and Area Council Delegates who attended Convention to give an overview as well. It was suggested that future resolutions regarding full funding for Regional Conventions must be more specific and uniform from each region. More specifically, the funding formula needs to be detailed. Resolutions that were not dealt with at Convention have been reviewed by the National Board of Directors (NBoD) and the decisions will be found in the June 2009 NBoD minutes. Sister Benson requested that any concerns or questions from Convention be submitted to her so she can take them to the NBoD in the fall.

2) Prairie Region Health and Safety Conference

Brother Clint Wirth gave an update on the planning for the Regional Health & Safety Conference being held in Regina at the Regina Inn from September 18 – 20, 2009. • Application was sent out by the Regional Offices and can be found on the Prairie

Region website. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, June 24, 2009. • The Committee is in the process of determining a Keynote Speaker, finalized agenda and possibility of observers.

3) Think Public Campaign

The budget for the Prairies Think Public Campaign has been approved by Ottawa. The plans from various committees throughout the Prairie Region were included. Sister Benson asked the Council to advise if there are any additional suggested activities or events that could be included as part of the campaign. Speakers’ notes can be provided to Council members if they are asked to speak at events about the Think Public Campaign.

Sister Benson thanked everyone for their participation and wished everyone a safe and restful summer.

(Feb 2010)

PRC Conference Call – February 10, 2010
Present: Robyn Benson, Marianne Hladun, Shaun Brennand, Timothy Hunt, Nancy Johnson, Glen Johnston, Chad Kemery, David Pearson, Gerry Pendulak, Gerald Wiegers, Clint Wirth, Carm Chan, Alison Davis, Pat Davis, Paul Graham, Louise Mardell, Tracy Thor

Regrets: Satinder Bains, Jo Chelick, Danial Curotte, Tanya Galenzoski, Fran Mohr, Susan Norman, Bill Osborne, Matt Tijani

1) PensionCampaign

Sister Benson started the conference call by apologizing to the Council. At the time of the Strategy Session neither the facilitators nor she knew that the campaign information would be coming out the following week. However she noted that the Council members were doing a terrific job working with the material and getting organized around mobilizing members. She advised that she shared the goals of the Prairie Region Council at the National Board of Directors meeting and that the pension information went out in the last Prairies e-newsletter. She also advised that all Component Presidents are committed to speaking and working with the PSAC on the Pension campaign and that all RVP’s and NVP’s have been sent the Pension materials.

A brief update was given by each Council member as to what stage their plans are at for the campaign. Some plans include rallies, plant gates, town halls, lunch and learns etc. Sister Benson assured the Council that they can put in for leave without pay for conference calls, work on the Pension campaign and budget watches.

Regular conference calls will be organized to ensure that the Council is kept up to date on activities across the Region.


Prairie Region Council Conference Call – April 9, 2009
Present: Robyn Benson, Rahil Ahmad, Satinder Bains, Carol Casey, Glen Johnston, Timothy Hunt, Matt Tijani, Mary Veilleux, Clint Wirth, Deanna Kimball

1) PRC Health and Safety Committee

It was brought to Sister Benson’s attention that with Heike leaving the Health & Safety Committee would consist of three (3) Brothers.  As such, she asked the Council their thoughts and suggested a number of options (all “brainstorming”).  The following are three options for your consideration:

Option 1: Brother Rahil Ahmad could move to the Finance Committee and Sister Fran Mohr could move to the Health & Safety Committee;

Option 2: Brother Bill Osborne, Brother Rahil Ahmad, and Brother Clint Wirth stay as the Health and Safety Committee;

Option 3: The Finance, Communications, Education and Health & Safety Committee switch between each other. The Political Action (AC) and the HRC, RWC & Youth Committee would remain the same.

2) PSAC Prairie Union School

Sister Benson reminded Council Members that if they applied it is not automatic that their application is accepted.  If Council Members are selected to attend then there is an expectation that they will exemplify themselves as Leaders of the Prairie Region.

3) Upcoming Conference calls:

In order to discuss the allocations from Ottawa to the Area Councils, RWC, and HRC conference calls will be scheduled after Convention once all requested information is received from the A/C’s, RWC’s & HRC’s.  PRC budget allocations have been sent to the Regional Offices for distribution.

Sister Kimball will schedule the conference calls after Convention.

4) CLC Manitoba Kids Camp:

In the past the PRC provided a subsidy for one or two children to attend the CLC Manitoba Kids Camp as well as to pay for the loss of salary for a Camp Counsellor.  Council Members on the conference call approved funding for two children however expressed concern over the counsellor.  Sister Benson indicated that a portion of the counsellor’s loss of salary can be funded from the REVP Special Projects budget and the other portion from the PRC Federation of Labour line item.  We would like input from the full PRC:

Option 1: 2 children and no counsellor or

Option 2: 2 children / and 1 counsellor

5) Fall PRC Meeting

There are two options for the fall meeting;

Option 1: 

Thursday, October 15th – Fly in pm or late evening to Saskatoon,

Friday, October 16th – PRC meet ½ day in am and PRC and PSAC Prairies Staff ½ day meet in pm

Saturday, October 17th – PRC meet all day

Saturday evening travel home or Sunday am

Option 2: 

Thursday, October 15th – Fly evening to Saskatoon

Friday, October 16th – PRC and PSAC Prairies Staff meet all day

Saturday, October 17th – PRC meet all day

Sunday, October 18th – PRC meet ½ day; fly home in afternoon/evening

6) Joint Committee Meetings:

Sister Benson advised Council that Joint Committee Meetings (AC’s, RWC’s and HRC’s) has been added to the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) agenda for April in order to discuss with Brother John Gordon and the other REVP’s.

At the Fall PRC meeting, we would like to discuss the following:

 – How each AC, RWC and HRC takes on actions?

 – How do we encourage our AC’s, RWC’s and HRC’s to be more active?

Next meeting: 2nd week of May at 6:00 pm (Central time) via conference call