Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (March 4, 2019)

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – March 4, 2019

Lethbridge Regional Women’s Committee

Mar 4, 2019 @ 7:00pm

Meeting Minutes



Kathy Dorchak (30027), Stephanie Erb (30048), Karen Mah (30048), Krysty Thomas (30048), Diane White (PSAC rep)

By phone: Danielle Possiant (30907), Kristy Slattery (30036),



Meaghan Burford (30907), Dorothy McRae (30048), Shirley Stolk (30028)


Meeting called to order at 7:13 pm

  • Adoption of Agenda
    • Approved by consensus
  • Review and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes
    • Previously approved via email
  • Financial Report – S Erb provided the financial report:
    • Bank balance as of Feb 28: $1520.42
    • New events: Women’s Day (Fri, Mar 8) buy cakes from Safeway – tie in with International Women’s Day slogan this year “balance for better” (on cake)
    • K Dorchak is doing a lunch and learn on Thursday and will have a cake
    • K Dorchak motion to do cakes for Women’s day.  K Thomas seconded the motion and passed by consensus
    • Treasurers report was accepted by consensus
  • Items to add to binder:
    • S Erb has nearly completed this.  She added the Annual financial statement and the transaction log is completed. She looked for any other missing information. 
    • S Erb asked about last March’s meeting. There was no financial report – do we need to include for items sent to Calgary office? D White indicated that it would be useful.
    • Danielle and Karen supplied addresses for the binder
    • S Erb will find some volunteers at Lethbridge Research and Development Centre who are not committee members to audit the books.
    • The process of transferring bank signatures is completed. S Erb is meeting with a bank manager tomorrow as they are having their books audited and require further information.
    • S Erb asked what to do with void cheques; D White suggested that S Erb include a brief explanation for cheques
    • Reviewed 2019 budget and discussed events
  • Next meeting proposed for Jun 4, 7 pm to plan for events (double up with area council meeting)

Round Table