Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee AGM Minutes (February 9, 2022)

The Regional Women’s Committee is a focal point for mobilizing women members. The RWC informs, educates and empowers women within their union and their community. Check out these minutes for current activities and actions. 

Edmonton Regional Women’s Committee

February 9, 2022 @ 6:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

In attendance: 

Charmaine Nelson – CEIU 30851 – Vice Chair

Kim Cardinal – USJE 30168 – Secretary

Ioni Buyser – UHEW 30016 – Member

Caitlin Fortier – CEIU 30851 – Member

Kim Haynes – UNDE 30905 – Member

Carol Morrison – CEIU 30851 – Member

Karina Tinajero Perez – CEIU 30876 – Member

Heather Rawlins – GSU 30001 – Member

Fatima Rizvi – GSU 30001 – Member

Rashel Tshinyembe – CEIU 30872 – Member

Seddra Zaigham – CEIU 30851 – Member


Marianne Hladun REVP Prairies

Sherry Hunt PRC Prairies Women’s Rep

PSAC Staff:

Carm Chan, PSAC Representative

  1. Welcome to all / Call to Order: Charmaine called the meeting to order at 6:09 pm.
  2. Marianne Hladun was introduced and welcomed to the RWC AGM. Marianne provided the members a brief explanation of what the Prairie Regional Women’s Committee is and the good work that it has done. Marianne closed with support and her best wishes to a successful year.
  3. Charmaine introduced Carm Chan, PSAC Representative and stated that she would be holding the Regional Women’s Committed Elections. However, before getting started in elections Charmaine opened the floor for any members to voice their interests in any of the positions. Kim Cardinal stated she would be interested in the Chair position. There was no one else that voiced their interest for any of the positions.
  4. Sherry, PRC Rep, introduced herself and her role as the PRC Rep and offered her information for any questions that one may have. She also spoke about the upcoming Women’s Retreat in the fall of 2022, and of the podcasts to watch before applying. Sherry assisted with reading the duties and expectations of each position on the board.
  5. Elections were conducted:
    • Call for nominations for Chair:
      • Name: Kim Cardinal
      • Nominated by: Charmaine Nelson
      • Seconded by: Carol Morrison
      • Acclaimed: Kim Cardinal
    • Call for nominations for Vice Chair: 
      • Name: Charmaine Nelson
      • Nominated by: Kim Cardinal
      • Seconded by: Kim Haynes
      • Acclaimed: Charmaine Nelson
    • Call for nominations for Treasurer:  
      • Name: Seddra Zaigham
      • Nominated by: Carol Morrison
      • Seconded by: Charmaine Nelson
      • Acclaimed: Seddra Zaigham
    • Call for nominations for Secretary:   
      • Name: Carol Morrison
      • Nominated by: Charmaine Nelson
      • Seconded by: Kim Cardinal
      • Acclaimed: Carol Morrison
  6. Bank – Signing Authority:
    • We request and authorize the bank to remove the current names, who held signing authority in 2021 Signers: Carmel Chan and Denise Gugel.
    • We request and authorize the bank to add the following names who have been elected and approved by this committee to hold signing authority. The newly executive for 2022 are as follows: Kim Cardinal (Chair), Charmaine Nelson (Vice-Chair), Seddra Zaigham (Treasurer).
  7. Charmaine adjourned the meeting at 7:03 p.m.