Edmonton Area Council Meeting Minutes (October 28, 2021)

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians and raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Attendance:    Darlene Lewis, Chair

Sabino Spaguolo, Vice Chair,

Patience Terkper,Treasurer,

Corie McGaughey,  Member at Large

Kim Haynes, Stasi L’Hirondelle, AB Northern Geo Rep

PSAC Rep: Oneil Carlier

Minutes recorded by Darlene Lewis/Chairing meeting

  1. Call to Order 5:36 pm by Chair
  2. Round table introductions by all in attendance
  3. PSAC Statement on Harassment by Kim Haynes
  4. Land Acknowledgment by Chair
  5. Adopt Agenda
    – Moved/carried Patience
  6. Approval of minutes from last EAC Meeting September 7, 2021
    – Moved/carried
  7. Old Business
  8. Sabino reported basis of action plan for 2021
  9. Treasurer’s Report – Patience went to the bank last Friday, so now has been added to PSAC Edmonton Area Council Bank Account.  Also now setup to view online bank as well.
  10. Chairs Report – Since last meeting, plan was to use “Call Hub” to reach out to our members to encourage them to get out and vote, which fell through, but we able to make phone calls with a script written by Sabino.  Which we used to call our members living in the Griesbach Riding.  Made calls both on Sep 17 & 18th between 5 to 8 pm.  Resolution on behalf EAC before Sep 15th.   Also attended a virtual PRC Geo Reps & AC Chairs meeting Sep 29th and an All Committee/Area Council, PRC, Staff Call Oct 26th.
  11. New Business, Election – Darlene Lewis turned floor to Oneil Carlier to run elections for delegate and Alternates to PSAC Convention and then for position of Secretary
  • EAC Nominations for Delegate to PSAC Triennial Convention
    • Sabino nominated Sister Corie, Seconded by Kim
    • Corie nominated Sister Patience, Seconded by Darlene                 
  • Patience Declines nomination
  • Sister Corie McGaughey, Delegate to PSAC Triennial Convention by Acclamation
  • Nominations for Alternates
  • 1st Alternate to PSAC Triennial Convention
    • Corie nominated Sister Patience, Seconded by Sabino
    • No other nominees
  • 1st Alternate to PSAC Triennial Convention Sister Patience Terkper by Acclamation
  • 2nd Alternate to PSAC Triennial Convention
    • Darlene nominated Sister Kim, Seconded by Corie
    • No other nominees
  • 2nd Alternate to PSAC Triennial Convention Sister Kim Haynes accepted by Acclamation

For Position of Secretary

  • Darlene nominated Sister Kim, Seconded by Corie
  • No other nominees
  • Sister Kim Haynes accepted position of Secretary by Acclamation

Oneil turned the floor back to Chair

Darlene spoke on what it is as council, would we like to approach or focus on as a committee for lobbying; second topic was to have discussion on designing a pamphlet to reach out our membership via virtually introducing our selves and Area Council as a whole; and last thoughts on volunteering our time for Christmas.

  • Feedback as follows;
    • Patience – Agree to sit and brainstorm on what we would like on pamphlet, have it as living document adding to it; also suggested Meal on Wheels aimed for Seniors.
    • Stasi/Corie said that London Drugs has a project, also www.protienprojects.ca
    • Sabino – to the piece on lobbying, they are in House of Commons Nov 22 – Dec 17, and on Break until Jan 30/2022.  Edmonton Centre elected MP, Randy Boissonault, Liberal
    • Pamphlet – start activity with the brochure eg. Childcare, Fund a gift or activity, locals need engagements themselves.
    • Oneil – Lobbying the Minister Blake Desjarlais, they filed a ruling “Payment for Settlement is not taxable, focal point Phoenix
    • Kim – Support of Pamphlet
    • Corrie – Support in lobbying, whether in person or outside, suggested we have a breakout session>plan action and have a focal point where we can better the membership.  Reach out with our allies like CLC/AFL, and for Pamphlet, again need focal point, campaign oriented, alluring.  Try being more focused with our efforts.  Volunteering does not have to be political.
    • Patience said not familiar with lobbying and Corrie said you can go with others, observe.  There are resources on lobbying that PSAC can provide.
    • Was decided that a much need planning session is need for us to make the next steps and it would not be an Area Council meeting.  The date set is November 10, 2021 at 5:30 pm as a virtual session.   Oneil to book the Zoom invite.

12. Next Meeting:  November 10, 2021

13. Meeting Adjourned @ 7:30 pm