Edmonton Area Council Meeting Minutes (May 12, 2021)

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians and raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

In Attendance:

Darlene Lewis – Chair – UHEW Local 30016

Sabino Spagnudo – Vice Chair – CEIU Local 30876

Patience Terkper – Treasurer – UHEW Local 30703

Marie France Boudreault – UVAE Local 30026

Monica Hill – CEIU Local 30853

Dragana Ristivojevich – Secretary/PRC Edmonton Area Council Rep – UTE 30025

Oneil Carlier – PSAC Rep  


Corie McGaughey – Member at Large – UTE Local 30025

Lasia Horbul – UVAE Local 30026

Arlene Suzuki – UVAE Local 30026

Minute Taker:     Dragana Ristivojevich

1        Call to Order The meeting was conducted by Zoom under COVID-19 protocols and was called to order at 5:33 pm. 

2        Harassment StatementThe Harassment Statement was read by both Darlene and Sabino.  For tonight’s meeting the Harassment Coordinator is Oneil Carlier.

3        Attendance:   Darlene welcomed everyone to the meeting and did the Land Acknowledge recognizing that we are on Treaty 6 which is a traditional gathering place.  Participants introduced themselves, their affiliation and their positions within the Union. 

4        Approval of Agenda:   The agenda was adopted.

5        Adoption of April 14, 2021 Planning Minutes:   A friendly amendment to the April 14, 2021 Planning minutes was to add Lasia’s last name of Horbul.  Minutes were corrected, adopted and to be posted on the PSAC website.

6        Reports:  

          Financial Report – Sabino stated there was nothing to report at this time as there were no financial transactions made.  The April 30, 2021 bank statement showed a $1.00 bank balance.  There is no word from Marianne Hladun in regards to Direct Balance.

          Yearly Reporting Package – The Committee is still waiting to hear from Marianne in regards to the yearly reporting package that we forwarded to Marianne.  Dragana will inquire about our Financial Reporting package at the next PRC Meeting.

7        Election:  Darlene read the role of the Treasurer for the Edmonton Area Council.  The Treasurer will prepare a current yearly budget which is submitted to Marianne Hladun along with a summary of planned events that the committee would like to host.  Once approved, the Committee will receive a cheque from Marianne.  If the Committee feels they would like to host another event, the Committee could submit a separate “special budget.”

          Darlene Lewis adjourned herself and passed the Chair to Oneil to preside over the Elections for the position of Treasurer.

          Oneil asked for nominations from the floor and Patience Terkper had forwarded her name for the Treasurer’s position. There were no other nominations.  Patience let her name stand. 

          Patience Terkper is acclaimed as Treasurer of the Edmonton Area Council and took the oath.

          Patience will require signing authority.

8        Planning Session for Activities – 2021 Darlene read the Edmonton Area Council’s mandate.  The Committee is the political arm including social justice, we engage membership and participate in events. 

          Darlene reached out to Kristy Thomas.  However, Kristy is willing to speak to the Committee but is currently busy.  Kristy stated that the AFL is involved in political action for child care and there is a “Stand Up for Alberta” campaign.  Kristy encourages us to visit the AFL website for more information.

          Sabino and Darlene would like to engage with the “new hires” by encouraging them to be part of the Union; for example: taking the TUBS course that PSAC offers, etc.  Also, to engage our members to join other union’s strike lines to show solidarity, assist Locals to become more organized with bargaining, and help develop certain events such as food banks, etc.            Darlene suggested that we have a Panelist’s Night for Elections where candidates would be invited to speak on issues.  We should encourage and mobilize our members to vote.  This committee encourages members of Northern Alberta to participate.  At our next scheduled meeting, the Committee will further discussion how to organize the above-mentioned events.

9        Roundtable 

  • Dragana – Extended her congratulations to Patience as our new Treasurer.  Thanked everyone for coming out to tonight’s meeting. 
  • Marie – This was her first meeting.
  • Patience – She expressed that she is looking forward in her new role as Treasurer.  She is a newly appointed Vice President of her Local and took the advice from the President to attend tonight’s meeting.  She was disappointed that she was involved with her union for 2 to 3 years and did not know about the Edmonton Area Council. She wants to learn more about the Edmonton Area Council and will engage her members of her Local. 
  • Sabino – Will work with Oneil in obtaining more information in help with strategy.  He stressed that we should be listening to our members and their concerns.  He wants to promote the PSAC union courses.
  • Darlene – Posed a question to the new members whether they had attended the Prairies virtual training for the Prairies or with the virtual websites.   
  • Monica – She stated that her Local is struggling to motivate participation from their members as well as trying to keep contact with their members.  She has a strong desire in helping her members become more engaged with the Union.
  • Oneil – PSAC is migrating to MS Teams.  Our next meeting will be on MS Teams.

10      Executive of the Edmonton Area Council Committee:  

  • Darlene Lewis – Chair
  • Sabino Spagnudo – Vice Chair
  • Corie McGaughey – Member at Large
  • Patience Terkper – Treasurer
  • Dragana Ristivojevich – Secretary

Currently, the three following Edmonton Area Council executive members will hold signing authority are as follows:  Darlene Lewis (Chair); Sabino Spagnudo (Vice Chair); and Patience Terkper (Treasurer).

Signing authority to be removed is Freada Vamvounis-Clarke (Former Chair) of the Edmonton Area Council Committee.

11      Next Meeting Date:  Wednesday June 09, 2021 at 5:30 pm.

Meeting AdjournedMeeting adjourned at 6:47 pm.