Edmonton Area Council Meeting Minutes (August 30, 2022)

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians and raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Edmonton Area Council Committee

In Attendance:

Darlene Lewis, Chair
Sabino Spagnuolo
Caitlyn Fortier
Gerard Tetzlaff
Oneil Carlier, PSAC Rep


  • Call to Order
    • @ 5:40 pm by Darlene
  • Round Table
    • @ 5.40
  • Statement of Harassment @ 5:45 by Sabino
  • Land Acknowledgement – by Darlene
  • Adoption of the Agenda
    • Moved by Sabino & Gerard
  • Review of Previous Minutes
    • Sabino and Caitlin
  • Old Business
    • Political Activity Education
      • Previously brought forward by Oneil
      • Mention of upcoming Politics 101 on the Prairies learning opportunity (15/10/2022)
      • EAC to encourage members to attend
      • Additional follow-up with Oneil required on previous recommendations
  • Treasurer’s Report/Financial Statement
    • Direct deposit confirmed as working
    • Treasurer was absent, report itself to follow separately at a later date
  • Chair’s Report
  • Updates from Convention
    • slight increase to dues anticipated
    • more information to follow with detailed report at later date
  • New Business
    • A) Resolution quality discussion
      • virtual resolution writing course to be offered in September
      • there will be repeat offering in November
      • reminder given on resolution word limits, formatting
      • to be discussed further at next meeting
      • Action item: EAC to encourage union local to register for resolution workshop
    • B) Labour Day BBQ
      • serving from 12pm-3pm
      • please return aprons afterwards
      • no time slots—just show up during window
      • members to check in with volunteer coordinators on arrival
    • C) Remembrance Day
      • wreath still to be ordered
      • 2 volunteers per committee suggested
      • will need to follow up with Carm Chan for contact info for wreath-makers
    • D) Ice Cream Day
      • Canada Place & Edmonton Garrison suggested for locations
      • Timings TBD
  1. Update on Bargaining Table from Sabino
  2. Schedule next meeting – October, date TBA.