Edmonton Area Council Meeting Minutes (May 18, 2022)

Area Council Committees engage with PSAC campaigns, lobby politicians and raise awareness of issues affecting our members, workers and the Canadian Public. Check out these minutes for current actions and events.

Edmonton Area Council Committee

In Attendance:

Darlene Lewis, Chair
Sabino Spagnuolo
Patience Terkper
Heather Rawlins
Caitlyn Fortier
Steve Sukhbir
Oneil Carlier, PSAC Rep
Stasi L’Hirondelle


  • Call to Order
    • 5:34 pm by Darlene
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Statement of Harassment
    • Displayed by Darlene and read by Sabino; Oneil nominated harassment coordinator
  • Adoption of the Agenda
    • Seconded by Oneil
  • Review of Previous Minutes – March 8th, 2022
    • Minutes presented by Darlene.
    • Review of elections done during last meeting; review of the notes regarding the discussion on correction of errors noted, to be updated before upload to website
  • Treasurer’s Report/Financial Statement – presented by Patience
    • We are sitting at balance of $246.72
    • There has been no activity for past few months on account
    • Update on cheques going to locals: Stasi has received no new news
  • President’s Report
    • Oaths to be taken on positions noted, but will be done at end of meeting
    • Darlene attended “a call for day of action” April 14th
      • last night there was a webinar on strikes
      • call to action where different MPs were speed-dialed
      • we have learned we do have access to that tool
      • suggestion to conduct a call before close of business
  • New Business
    • Sabino suggests that after UCP leadership review results are announced we should work towards preparation for the Alberta provincial election
      • onboarding for esp members who want to be involved
      • suggestion for education sessions on how to be politically active without violating employer rules on conduct
      • recommendation for sessions on how to become active in local and provincial political activities
      • Objective: help members understand their rights, and how they can use their voice, become force for influence. Build on this for possible future mobilizations
      • how to lobby/contact politicians/participate in political activities safely and effectively
      • discussion of what it means to help one party or another, without it coming off as “vote for [Party]”
      • “ground campaign” and “air campaign” discussed
      • social media awareness sessions (know your rights, protect yourself)
      • Sabino volunteers to assist with planning “How to be Politically Active” and teaching leaders sessions
      • discussion of what spaces we might be able to use for those sessions, estimates of budget. Details TBD.
      • To recap: Sabino proposes that we mobilize members for provincial election-related activities, also proposes educational sessions to help familiarize members. Exact details TBD and we are also still waiting on UCP review.
      • See election readiness handout
      • Darlene: we should review document and schedule a phone call meeting to follow up on this later / will also require budget approval.
      • Sabino suggesting June 17 + 18, Chateau Lacombe
      • support from Oneil, Darlene, Caitlin
      • Sabino makes point that we could build on this towards setting up for federal election 1.5 hour educational session probably. One for leadership on the Friday, then two sessions on Saturday.
      • Edmonton area council mtg on 25th
      • suggestion by Darlene meet again on Wednesday of next week: 6pm-7pm
    • Darlene asks if there are any other priorities to discuss
    • Question: Is Labour Day BBQ happening? Unknown at this time
      • if that is happening, then we would participate
    • If COVID protocols do not shut down Remembrance Day we would do Butterdome
    • Solidarity showing at Pride
    • Christmas volunteering? Homeless shelters, kitchens
    • Phoenix? Ongoing, no change from previous. You have 90 days to submit appeal to your notice of assessment if there is Phoenix related issues
      • Sabino volunteers to do session with people on that
      • we did have wording available on website
      • poster email to remind members?
    • From Oneil: bargaining for TB reached impasse today. Further updates to come.
    • Discussion of political activities when we are distanced
    • Oaths to swear in new positions: Caitlin and Sabino
    • Political action: members asked to call using the autodial tool using the online tool
  1. Schedule next meeting TBA.
  2. Adjournment
    • at 7:00 pm