Convention Documents

You can find all documents that you will need for convention right here.

Resolutions Package (Updated April 2021)

Budget 2021 – 2023 (Stand alone)

Bylaw Resolutions (Stand alone)

Finance/General Resolutions (Stand alone)

General Resolutions (Stand alone)

Convention Agenda (Stand alone)

Convention Guide (Complete)

PSAC Prairie Region Bylaws

Prairie Region Financial Statements (2015 – 2017; 2018 – 2020)

Convention Committees (Pending ratification)

2021 Call for Nominations (REVP and PRC)

2021 Nominations Form (all positions)

BL-014 as amended

BL-016 as amended

Composite FIN-18A Amended

Emergency Resolution 1

Emergency Resolution 2

Emergency Resolution 3

Emergency Resolution 4

Emergency Resolution 4 (as amended)

Emergency Resolution 5

Lindsey Sparks Union Playlist

PRC Convention Report – Neha Channam – Racially Visible Representative

Statement on Harassment

Virtual Rules of Order

Voting on Resolutions