Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (September 13, 2021)

Winnipeg Women’s Committee Sept 13/21

1) Call to order by Nicole 7:02pm

2) Guest speaker: Colleen Syms from MAWS
Colleen presented an overview of MAWS and its function. Their transforming together project is about speaking out for women in need and working to educate the public and government on how to support them. Discussion followed re what the women’s committee could do to help.

3) Statement of harassment

4) Introduction of meeting attendees: “ What was something you did for yourself that was special”

5) Adoption of agenda as changed: motion to carry by Faye, seconded by Yvonne

6) Review of July 12/21 meeting:

  • Minutes to be reviewed, updated and approved next meeting.

7) Treasurer’s report:

  • Mona is to sign up at bank for bank authorization
  • Mona and Nicole to business case proposal for next meeting
  • Account has had no activity – balance remains at $1213.99

8) Old business:

  • Oct 8th training is delayed until we are able to attend in person
  • Facebook page now has 18 members
  • Question of changing timing of meeting to 5:30pm was discussed – this only works when the meetings are in person
  • Oct. 18th speaker on trafficking of women is set
  • MFL memorial lunch is set for Dec 6th – $30/person – need to select 8 women to attend

9) Nicole adjourned meeting at 8:36pm.