Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (July 12 ,2021)

PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee meeting JL 12/21

In attendance via zoom:
Mona Simcoe – Chair
Nicole Papineau – Vice Chair
Faye Kingyens – Treasurer/Secretary
Kathryn Ward
Martha Johnson PSAC rep

1) Meeting called to order at 7:04pm by Nicole

2) Harassment statement acknowledged – Martha designated harassment co-ordinator

3) Introductions : “name a female that has inspired you”
Faye – Rosa Parks
Nicole – grandmothers
Kathryn Ward – mum
Mona – Sister June Winger

4) Agenda – add item 10) meetings going forward; accepted with change

5) Acceptance of JN 14/21 meeting minutes – typo corrected
Motion to adopt minutes: Faye; Seconded: Nicole

6) Financial report (Faye)
There has been no transactions on account since last meeting:
Band balance = $12113.99
Motion to adopt report: Nicole; Seconded: Mona

7) Equity Conference: resolution
Mona reported that resolutions are reserved for equity committees only – you must be in one of the caucuses to put resolution forward. Going forward, women can put resolution forward if they belong to that equity caucus, but not via women’s committee.
Nicole would like to see a resolution re indigenous support in upcoming conference. Faye responded that there was an emergency resolution re indigenous support adopted at the PSAC Prairie Triennial Convention in June 2021, which will be forwarded to the next PSAC National Triennial Convention.

8) Budget preparation
Mona reviewed proposed budget

  • Women’s shelter donation $300
  • 3 guest speakers :
    1) MAS Sept 13 $100
    (2) violence in the workplace Oct 2 – at PSAC office perhaps, lunch to be provided: $10/person x 10 people = $100
    (3) trafficking of women $100
  • Union luncheon in support of women: $30/ seat, table of 8 = $240
    Nicole and Mona to write up business plan for women’s shelter donation.
    Motion to accept budget plan by Nicole: Seconded by Faye.

9) Banking update
3 authorized signatures are needed – Faye delivered letter authorizing changes in names and minutes of meeting to bank, Nicole has signed up, Mona to do so shortly. Martha will be added to account in order to have online viewing of account, but will not have signing authority.

10) Old business:

  • RWC calendar – agenda to be posted 2 weeks in advance; dates for meetings to be set – calendar will be posted on webpage as well as link to Facebook page ; Facebook page will have posted highlights of meetings but no financial info
  • Get administration to update committee listings on Regional PSAC website, Martha to send in update
  • Link to Facebook will be given approval by office after confirmation of membership in PSAC
  • Minutes of meetings will be posted after they have been approved at the next meeting
  • Mona will be charge of updating Facebook page

11) Next meeting – Sept 13:
There will be a speaker from MAS on domestic violence and funding for women’s shelters, and how we can help via our union activism

12) Motion to adjourn meeting by Mona at 8:40pm. All in favor.