Winnipeg Women’s Committee AGM Minutes DRAFT (Jan 23, 2023)

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee (WRWC)
DRAFT AGM Meeting Minutes   23 Jan 2023

Present: In-Person: Faye Kingyens, Mona Simcoe, Nicole Papineau, Cristina Esposito, Yvonne Hein, Zeena Mohammed, Tracy Thor (PSAC Regional Rep) Virtual: Elaine Lawrence, Tannis Dorward

Call to order: 5:30 PM

Land Acknowledgement

PSAC Statement on Harassment – Tracy Thor is harassment intervener

Introductions – “Do you have plans for a New Year of Activism?”

All members introduced themselves to the group explaining past union roles and workplaces.

Members talked about Letter Writing, participating in the “Living Calendar” of Events, meeting members in workplace with return to work, wearing bargaining team buttons and stickers, looking for new ways to communicate with members.

Adoption of Agenda

Motion to adopt agenda as updated to include regional rep report.   Nicole/Faye   Carried

Adoption of Minutes

Motion to adopt minutes of 12 Dec 2022 minutes as circulated.   Mona/Faye   Carried

Audited Treasurer Report – 2022 Financial Statement

Current bank balance is $1205.80.  Faye went through the Audited statement highlighting the projects completed.

Motion to adopt the Audited Treasurers report as circulated.  Faye/Mona   Carried

Guest speaker – Marianne Hladun – Prairies Regional Exec Vice President was unable to join due to moderating the National PA town hall scheduled at the same time as our meeting.  She sent her regrets.

PSAC Regional Representative Report – Tracy Thor talked about the mobilization and strike votes coming for the CRA and soon TB members. Calendars are available.  Strike prep training has started and members are encouraged to sign up.  Members information can be updated via U-Link and some locals are gaining access to update membership lists.

RWC Elections: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary

Tracy Thor conducted the elections on the committee’s behalf.

Chair:  Motion to nominate Nicole Papineau: Mona Simcoe

Second: Faye Kingyens
Nicole accepted.

Vice Chair:  Motion to nominate Tannis Dorward: Mona Simcoe

Second: Nicole Papineau
Tannis accepted.

Treasurer:  Motion to nominate Cristina Esposito: Faye Kingyens

Second: Yvonne Heins
Cristina accepted.

Secretary:  Motion to nominate Mona Simcoe: Nicole Papineau 

Second: Faye Kingyens
Mona Accepted

Oath of office

Tracy Thor conducted the Oath of Office and all WRWC executive members were sworn in.

Signing Authorities

The signing authorities for the bank account at Assiniboine Credit Union will be any two of the three executive members (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer) consisting of the Chair-Nicole Papineau, Vice Chair-Tannis, and Treasurer-Cristina Esposito.

Members to be removed from account are Faye Kingyens and Mona Simcoe.

WRWC Previous Business

Donation of PSAC Café Justicia Coffee as a means of supporting this fair trade with grassroots and Indigenous Rights and Social Justice Fund.  Donation to Willow Place as per March 2022 budget item of $100 completed.

Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) memorial luncheon on Dec 6 was attended by members.  Guest speakers were very interesting and food was amazing.

Christmas Hamper Drive donations were organized and delivered by Nicole to the North Point Douglas Women’s Centre. She topped up the donations as per budget.

Winter Wear Drive donations were organized and delivered by Nicole to the West Central Women’s resource Centre.  There was a $30 cash donation found by PSAC in the WRWC documents.  Nicole purchased extra items to donate with this money as per previous minutes. They were very happy and stated these items would be gone immediately due to the cold spell.

WRWC New Business

Annual Report 2022 is almost completed and due 15 Mar 23.

Budget Approval 2023 is also due 15 Mar 23.  Mona proceeded to go through the proposed budget from the November Meeting suggestions. 

Motion to approve budget as presented.  Mona/Yvonne   Carried


WRWC calendar has been updated and awaiting on the new budget approval by REVP.

It was agreed to add to the May mtg a guest speaker on the “Bed for Kids” campaign.  We will do a donation drive for Twin size bedding.  The Living Calendar will be updated to the PSAC web site.

WRWC Facebook page is welcome to all women.  Please send an invite request.

Nine draws were held for those in attendance at meeting to participate.  Thank you to Mona Simcoe who donated items.            

Next meeting date: March 11

Vote on WRWC Delegate to PSAC Prairies Triennial Convention

Adjournment of meeting: 7:30pm by Nicole Papineau