Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes – Oct 11 2016

Attendees: Gloria Kelly, Dawn MacAulay, Yvonne Hein, Nicole Papineau, Shelley Jamieson (PSAC rep), Marianne Hladun (PSAC REVP)

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee
General Meeting
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 5:15 p.m.
PSAC Regional Office 175 Hargrave St

Attendees:     Gloria Kelly, Dawn MacAulay, Yvonne Hein, Nicole Papineau, Shelley Jamieson (PSAC rep), Marianne Hladun (PSAC REVP)

Regrets:         Mona Simcoe

  1. Call to order at 5:35
  2. Approval of Agenda & Harassment Statement considered read
  3. Review of (a few corrections) and approval of Sept 1/16 joint meeting minutes
    1. Moved by Dawn, 2nd’d by Yvonne, approved
    • Review of and approval of June 14/16 minutes
    1. Moved by Dawn, 2nd’d by Nicole, approved
  4. Lorelei is ill so there is no Treasurer’s report at this time
  5. Previous Business –
    • (i) Take Away from Joint Meeting
    1. Not enough people get involved
    2. The Santa Claus parade is a go, we’ll need lots of help to get the flat bed (or whatever Frank gets) decorated
    3. Haven’t heard from Frank about a mission to help
    4. Immigrant associations – haven’t heard from Gloria’s contact yet
    5. Seasonal Celebration – it’s our turn to host it this year – are we going to do the same old tired thing or try something new (Gloria won’t be in the city to help) – YES, LET’S DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!! – a suggestion was made that after the Santa Claus parade, invite all members that attended it to come to the PSAC office for hot chocolate and cookies (yes, their families too).  Gloria will talk with Gus and James to see if they think their applicable committee / council would be on board with it
    • (ii) Social Justice Fund – we may have a project!  Gloria spoke with Charlotte at the United Way and she let us know that he West End Cultural Centre is working on getting their kitchen up and running.  We’ll find out soon.
  6. New Business
    • (i) Gloria reported on the National Human Rights Committee’s take on women’s issues and what the expectations are at the regional / local levels.
      1. Child care, can work be safe if home isn’t, etc (Gloria to e-mail info to all)
      2. Equity Conference coming up, women will be able to attend at least one other workshop, possibly two (since some identify as women, disabled, person of colour, etc)
      3. An interesting document – a year ago a drafted ??? – Gloria will send it out
      4. On website – new federal pay equity study . . .
      5. The PSAC position paper, “Prostitution is Not Decent Work”, Marianne provided some comments on this.
      6. Nothing here on child care.  PSAC has hired someone to look after the child care portfolio.  The AEC will be making a decision on it.  If there’s approval then there’s the possibility of having a table at the upcoming convention.
    • (ii) Already noted above.
    • (iii) Already noted above.
    • (iv) Issue Lobby Teams – we’ve been asked to look at the politicians in our area’s that may be sympathetic to our child are concerns and go to them and approach them about it.  They are into their second term of office, they should have an idea of what they’re doing by now.
    1. Marianne has a spreadsheet of politicians if you’re not sure who you should be approaching.
    2. We should look at the various political committee’s and speak to them too.
    3. We need to let our political leaders know that the union women are active in our communities.
    4. We’ll be looking for lobbying team (starting at our November 8th meeting).
    • (v) Forewarning that we will be looking to send a delegate to the PSAC Regional Convention.
  7. Next meeting is November 8th at 5:15.  Roundtable – Marianne reminded us of the Take Back the Night event on October 20th.
  8. Yvonne moved to adjourn the meeting, Nicole seconded it, all agreed to it.