Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes (Nov 19 2009)

Present: Vimbai Dune 50073; Darlene McClure 50073; Carol Selby UVAE 50044; Karon Sackney USGE 50026; Dawn MacAulay, AGR 50073; Cathy Moar 50769; Gloria Kelly 50705; Staff -Deanna Kimball


Vimbai Dune 50073

Darlene McClure 50073
Carol Selby UVAE 50044
Karon Sackney USGE 50026
Dawn MacAulay, AGR 50073
Cathy Moar 50769
Gloria Kelly 50705

Staff -Deanna Kimball

1.) Call to Order
Called to order at 5:17 PM
2.) Introductions – Round Table
3.) Adoption of Agenda
Agenda needs to be amended.
#6 RWC Executive Elections will be moved to the end of the meeting After New Business. Everyone agreed.
4.) Adoption of Previous Minutes
Carol moved
Darlene seconded
AGM Dec 11/08 minutes
Dawn moved to accept the minutes with the changes
Cathy seconded
Karon to make the changes
Minutes for Sept 16
Val moves to accept the minutes with the changes
Cathy seconded
Karon to make the changes
Minutes for Oct 21
Dawn moved to accept the minutes with the changes
Darlene seconded
Karon to make the changes

5.) Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report
Carol gave the treasures report
Total balance $3093.34
Darlene moves to accept the report as stands
Dawn seconded

6.) UPDATE – School Supply Drive
• It was agreed by all that a cheque to be written to the Winnipeg School Division for the Breakfast Program for the amount of $772.90.
• Blue Bomber season ticket raffle. The RWC was denied a license to hold a raffle. There are now questions to be answer. How will we sell the tickets/ When will the draw be done? It is now too late to have the draw for Christmas. Lets look into having the draw done around Easter. Let’s communicate by e-mail with ideas for this.

7.) UPDATE – Manitoba Women’s Seminar, December 6th, 2009
• Karon gave a report on the Leadership Seminar that was held in November
• MWS – we only have 3 applications at this time. Everyone to do a “PUSH” at their Local.
• We will be offering ingredients to make sandwiches and fresh vegetables for lunch.
• Members will be given back their registration fee when they register at the door.

8.) New Business
• Actions around BillC-391(Gun Registry) Canadian Labour Congress Campaign
• Deanna spoke to this. She asked for support from the RWC on this Campaign. There will also be a Vigil held on December 6 at the office of Shelly Glover.
• PSAC Regional Women’s Forum – December 7 &8.
• Vimbai and Karon to attend from the RWC. There will be an Evening Get together on Dec 7 from 5-11. Everyone Welcome.
• 20 Days 20 Ways to End Violence Against Women Postcards.
• Please take more cards and mail them out. Give them to members of your Local and have them mail them out also.

9.) RWC Executive Elections
Thanks to Deanna for running the elections

Carol nominated Vimbai
Cathy seconded
Vimbai – By acclamation

Co- Chair –
Dawn Nominated Darlene
Cathy seconded
Carol nominated Dawn
Val seconded
Darlene elected as co-chair

Cathy nominated Karon
Carol seconded
Darlene Nominated Dawn
Val seconded
Karon elected as secretary

Karon nominated Carol
Cathy seconded
Carol – by acclamation

All ballots to be destroyed.

10.) December 10 is the Christmas joint Celebration-
Please Attend

11.) Next Meeting Jan 6, 2010

12.) Adjournment 6:35