Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes – Nov 10 2015

In Attendance: Gloria Kelly, Yvonne Hein, Darlene McClure, Loreili Topnik, Anna Goldfeld, Dawn MacAuley

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee
Minutes- 10 November 2015

In Attendance:Gloria Kelly, Yvonne Hein, Darlene McClure, Loreili Topnik, Anna Goldfeld, Dawn MacAuley
Regrets: Mona Simcoe

Meeting called to order at 1720

Agenda approved with one addition- issue of child care at meetings

Statement on Harassment considered read and in effect.

Minutes of September meeting approved – Moved by Sister Loreili – Seconded by Sister Gloria

Treasurer’s report- Sister Loreili has all the documentation to be added to the account and will do so this week.  Statements indicate with the addition of $500 cheque to be deposited we will have just under $2000 in account so we are in good financial standing.

Previous Business: 

  • Members of the committee dis all kinds of work on the federal election from attending courses at both PSAC and MFL to calling members and stuffing mailout.
  • Some of our members were active on various campaigns so we did have a good turnout of our membership in support of defeating the Harper Government.
  • What changes the incoming government will make remains to be seen but we are hopeful. New head of TB- Scott Brison- is at the opposite end of the scale from Tony Clement.
  • There was discussion about first announcements from the new government such as the long form census and what that means for Manitoba but also questions about Veteran’s offices and lost public service jobs

New Business

  • MFL Day of Remembrance will be held 4 December as 6 Dec this year falls on a Sunday. There will be a luncheon at the Union Centre. If any of our members wish to go please let Sister Gloria know by 20 November so tickets can be purchased. There will be a candle lit for each of the young women who died in the incident. There should also be a sunrise service at the legislature the morning of 4 December should anyone wish to attend.
  • The MFL is having its poinsettia sale again this year with the proceeds going towards the women’s memorial- order form available.
  • The Seasonal Celebration is 15 December and will be hosted this year by the Human Rights Committee. There will be a speaker and locals have been asked to consider a donation to Siloam Mission and/or a door prize for the event.
  • At our January meeting we will be doing the annual toiletry drive bagging. Anyone who has donations can bring them to the office and we will package them up and get them out to the shelter network thanks to our contact at Nova House.
  • Two things from PSAC we expect  to impact us in the next cycle. Convention voted $10,000 per region for childcare activities. If we have an activity we wish to do in this area we need to build a business case and apply for the funding to support. We already have an active working relationship with the Childcare Coalition of Manitoba. The second issue is that PSAC as found funding in the budget that expires on 31 December to host a form on domestic violence and its impact on the workplace. Details are thin at this time but it is anticipated we will have work to do in this area as we move forward.
  • Members are asked to think about speakers and activities for the 2016 year aswe need to get our plan in place in January if possible so that it can move forward following our AGM in February. Sister Anna said she would like to have one of our meeting focus on self-defence for women.
  •  Annually we have supported Kent Road School with a donation to the breakfast program. Our support has allowed the school to now provide breakfast to children five days a week so that no child at the school goes hungry in the morning for lack of food. Moved by Sister Darlene and seconded by Sister Loreili that we again donate $500 to Kent Road School- motion carried

Next meeting will be 12 January and we will deal with the toiletries.

Meeting adjourned at 1805.