Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes – Mar 1 2016

Attendance: Gloria Kelly, Stephanie Primrose, Yvonne Hein, Anna Goldfeld, Lorelei Topnik, Darlene McClure, Larissa Williams, Dawn McCauley

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Minutes

Annual General Meeting 1 March 2016

PSAC Regional Office, Winnipeg

Attendance: Gloria Kelly, Stephanie Primrose, Yvonne Hein, Anna Goldfeld, Lorelei Topnik, Darlene McClure, Larissa Williams, Dawn McCauley

Regrets: Mona Simcoe, Tania Lachance

1. Meeting was called to order at 1730. Sister Gloria Kelly in the chair.

2. Roundtable introductions.

3. Harassment statement considered as read.

4. Adoption of agenda: One correction to agenda in that #3 should read review and approval of minutes of 2015 AGM.

5. Minutes of 2015 AGM: amended to include attendance of Yvonne Hein- minutes as amended moved by Sister Dawn McCauley/ seconded by Sister Lorelei Topnik. Carried

6. Treasurer Report: We are having issues with receiving statements from the credit union and Sister Lorelei has asked them to please send us paper statements each month. From the most recent statements we have $1716.32 in the bank as of 30 November 2015. Report moved by Sister Darlene McClure/seconded by Sister Dawn McCauley. Carried.

7. Sister Gloria Kelly presented a proposed budget for 2016 fiscal year. With $700 outstanding for two cheques we have about $700 in the bank. Thus we will ask regional council for an additional $1000 for 2016 to cover our planned work. Motion to approve proposed budget moved by Sister Darlene McClure/seconded by Sister Lorelei Topnik.

8. President’s Report for 2015: Sister Gloria Kelly spoke about the fair bit of work the committee was able to undertake and accomplish in 2015. We continue to support Kent Road School’s breakfast program that feeds a lot of children each morning. We had two excellent speakers in 2015 and were able to coordinate an activity with the Child Care Coalition of Manitoba. Our members were also very active in the federal election campaign in a variety of was in numerous ridings.

9. Election of officers for 2016 – election was overseen by Monika Duggal, regional representative.

(i) Chair- Sister Gloria Kelly nominated by Sister Darlene McClure/seconded by Sister Dawn McCauley. Acclaimed
(ii) Co-Chair –Darlene McClure nominated by Sister Dawn McCauley /seconded by Sister Lorelei Topnik. Acclaimed
(iii) Treasurer- Sister Lorelei Topnik nominated by Sister Gloria Kelly/seconded by Sister Dawn McCauley. Acclaimed
(iv) Secretary- Sister Dawn McCauley nominated by Sister Yvonne Hein/Seconded by Sister Lorelei Topnik. Acclaimed

10. New Business:
(i) International Women’s Day is 8 March. There will be a breakfast at the Fort Garry and we have money in the budget to fund three sisters if they would like to attend. There will be speakers from Status of Women, CLC and a community organization. There will be a silent auction with funds raised to support a community based program or project. There is also a march at lunchtime leaving from Portage Place- will only be about 20 minutes with light lunch served at University of Winnipeg. This is the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Canada so it is a time to celebrate.
(ii) The PSAC Prairie Regional Women’s Conference will be held in Winnipeg June 12-13 at Club Regent Hotel. An organizing committee has been formed. Sisters are encouraged to get their applications in as once the deadline has passed there will be no extensions. We anticipate approximately 60 sisters will attend.
(iii) At the last PSAC convention there was a special fund established for child care activities. We will look at possibly undertaking a project this year related to child care as it is a priority for RWCs across the country along with the impact of violence in the workplace.
(iv) Sister Gloria Kelly reported that on behalf of PSAC she made a presentation on the province’s Bill 8 reference victims of domestic violence. She was one of a number of union sisters who presented. CLC requested copy of the presentation. During questions on her presentation Sister Kelly was able to reference negotiated language in her collective agreement that provides for time off with pay for legal based family matters. At this time have been advised by MLA Andrew Swan who was part of the committee hearing the presentations that he anticipates the bill will pass.

11. Next meeting will be 12 April.

12. Meeting adjourned at 1803.

13. Members packed comfort kits for women’s shelters across Manitoba then enjoyed social time with dessert.