Winnipeg RWC Mtg Minutes – Dec 9 2013

Attendees: Dawn MacAulay, Darlene McClure, Paula Nygaard, Christine McJennet, Christine Dmyterko, Gloria Kelly – Shelley Jamieson (PSAC staff resource)

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee
9 December 2013 – 5:15p.m.
PSAC Regional Office – 175 Hargrave Street

These minutes will approved at the next regular RWC meeting.


Attendees: Dawn MacAulay, Darlene McClure, Paula Nygaard, Christine McJennet, Christine Dmyterko, Gloria Kelly – Shelley Jamieson (PSAC staff resource)

1- Meeting called to order at 5:25p.m.with Dawn MacAulay as chair.

2- PSAC Statement of Harassment agreed to by all.

3- Round of introductions took place.

4- Adoption of Agenda as presented – moved by Darlene seconded by Gloria- accepted.

5- Adoption of Minutes of meeting 18 September 2013.Moved by Darlene seconded by Christine M.

6- Chair’s report- nil report.

7- Treasurer’s Report –

  • Paula reported that as of 31 October 2013 there is a bank balance of $4,264. However, there are outstanding cheques that will reduce that amount slightly by end December.

  • Paula reported that the committee has received $2428.66 in support of the school supply drive this year from a variety of sources in addition to actual supplies that can be distributed. Given there is a recognized need in the community to combat child hunger it was decided to provide four schools/organizations with $600 each for 2013/2014 from these funds. The recipients are: Kent Road School, Donwood Elementary School, Machray School and Breakfast for Learning. Gloria is to supply Shelley with the proper names and addresses of the recipients and Dawn will get cheques signed so they can go out quickly.

  • It was decided to provide $200 to the annual Manitoba Labour Christmas Tree project of the MFL. This is a donation in support of children the committee has made for a number of years.

  • Treasurer’s Report moved by Paula and seconded by Gloria. Accepted.

8-Sister Paula Nygaard is stepping down as treasurer of the committee as she has obtained a staff position in the PSAC Regional Office. An election to replace her will be held in the new year.

9- New Business:

  • The RWC is the host committee for the seasonal celebration this year. Date will be Tuesday 14 January unless there is a compelling reason to change that time frame. Gloria will look after the food again this year. A number of speaker suggestions were provided and research is underway to determine who may be available to speak on the issues of mental health/bullying/health and safety.

  • Bill C-4 discussion centered on how we can best move this process/project forward. Gloria will contact Gus to determine if he wishes assistance to draft a letter than can be used by locals who may be interested in engaging members in a campaign to contact MPs expressing displeasure with the changes to the Canada Labour Code as it relates to workplace health and safety.

  • Meeting dates for 2014 were determined to be the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of July and August. The AGM will be 11 February 2014.

  • The RWC delegate to the Prairie Regional Convention in June 2014 will be selected following the AGM in February.

  • Sister Christine McJannet provided a report on the MFL Women’s Conference stating that she found it highly beneficial.

10 – Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm.