Winnipeg RWC Minutes (September 2014)

September 10, 2014
5:15 pm
PSAC Regional Office – 175 Hargrave St

Attendees: Lorelei Topnik (USGE), Gus Mardli (AGR), Melody Raabe (UNE), Mike Camana (UNE), Christine McJannet (UNE), Dawn MacAulay (AGR), Pat Thiebert (AANDC), Matt Tijani, AGR), Gloria Kelly (UNDE), Kelly Moist (Guest), Tracy Thor (PSAC staff)

Regrets: Darlene McClure, Mona Simcoe

1. Call to Order at 5:25

2. PSAC Statement on Harassment read by Gloria, Gus is the anti-harassment resource.

3. Introductions / Round Table – as we were a mixed group for Kelly Moist’s presentation we introduced ourselves.

4. Adoption of Agenda – accepted.

5. Adoption of Minutes of June 10, 2014 – moved by Dawn, seconded by Christine, accepted.

6. Treasurers Report – unavailable, but nothing of any note has happened.

7. Guest Speaker – Kelly Moist is the President of CUPE Manitoba, is from a strong union family You might recognize her father, Paul Moist, as the National CUPE president. Kelly waxed eloquent about the need to reach the 80% of apathetic voters; the need to learn how the union impacts their lives; learn about the different things that theemployers are doing that impact us. And much, much more!!

At Kelly’s request, in lieu of a gift for her speaking with us tonight, the Women’s Committee will make a donation this fall to a breakfast club / learning program in her name.

8. Next meeting date – October 30th?

9. Adjourned at 6:30