Winnipeg RWC Minutes (October 2014)

Tuesday 14 October 2014 at 5:15
PSAC Regional Office
460-175 Hargrave Street

In Attendance: Gloria Kelly-UNDE, Darlene Maclure-AGR, Mona Simcoe-UNDE, Lorelei Topnik-USGE, Diana Fred-UofW, Shelley Jamieson-PSAC Staff

Introductions and Call to Order at 5:30pm
PSAC statement on Harassment read by Gloria Kelly identifying anti-harassment resource person as Mona Simcoe agreed to by all.

Adoption of Minutes from Sept, 2014
-will review at November meeting

Chair’s Report
-gave briefing of the presentation from September’s meeting titled “Political Awareness – Why We Should All Be Informed” with featured guest speaker Kelly Moist- President CUPE Manitoba for those that were not in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report
-Dawn MacAulay absent for the meeting and report not submitted to date.
-Shelley will check with credit union regarding signing authorities as Paula Nygarrd has resigned.
-will review at November meeting

-thank you from Breakfast for Learning for donation
-annual report from Villa Rosa
-NDP released platform on affordable child care
Discussion on child care for PSAC to increase awareness of their “kitchen table conversations” regarding childcare.

New Business
Report from Prairie Summit
-a steering committee was established to monitor the progress and ensure Prairie region is working strategically to implement the plans and ideas developed at the summit. (see letter attached from Prairies Strategic Planning Steering Committee)
Plan for Activity Day
-Women’s committee activity day needs to have a political activism attached to it otherwise funding may be limited.
-discussion ensued on ideas for day: Dec 6, craft, MLA to speak in afternoon.
-Gloria Kelly will plan an agenda and send it out for review.
November 18 meeting
-guest speaker is Anna Pazdzierski from Nova House Women Shelter
-pajama party is the theme of this meeting. Sisters are asked to please bring a pair of new pajamas – any size or style will do- as all too often when women and their children arrive at a shelter they have only the clothes on their back
-MOTION to make a donation to Nova House for $200
Diana Fred/Lorelei Topnic
New Business continued
Next Federal Election
-Winnipeg Area Council will be looking for our support
-opportunities will be there to do something politically with women’s issues such as child care
Seasonal Celebration
-may want to look at supporting new immigrants
-packages for new home owners such as natural cleaning products, herbs and teas, local info
Planning for 2015
-send ideas to Shelley Jamieson for meeting ideas and events for 2015
-January will be planning meeting
-February will be AGM meeting

Door Prize
-won by Mona Simcoe thank you to Sister Gloria Kelly for donation for the draw