Winnipeg RWC Minutes (Oct. 21, 2009)

Present: Karon Sackney USGE 50026, Carol Selby, UVAE 50044, Cathy Moar CEIU 50769, Dawn MacAulay AGR 50073, Gloria Kelly UWDE 50705, Alisha Bigelow UTE 50021

Staff – Robyn Benson -REVP
Deanna Kimball – WPG REG REP

1.) Call to Order
Called to order at 6:00 PM by Dawn MacAulay

2.) Introductions – Round Table

3.) Adoption of Agenda

4.) Adoption of Minutes – June 17,2009
To be accepted at the next meeting

5.) 2009 Fall Women’s Seminar
Robyn spoke to this. Deanna passed out a proposed agenda and registration form for the Seminar. We agreed upon a theme, and agreed on the agenda and registration form. Robyn agreed to speak at the seminar, We will also have a speaker on Human Trafficking. Deanna will get in touch with a couple of other places to see if we can find another speaker. We are hopping to get at least 50 women to attend. There will be a Regional Forum in Dec7 and 8 right after the Seminar. 2 members from the RWC will attend. The evening of Dec 7 everyone is encouraged to attend.

6.) Sorting of School Supplies – A huge amount of school supplies was collected from the Blue Bombers game. Also a total of $772.90 was collected. The RWC felt that this was worth while venture and will discuss the feasibility of again doing this next season. Members were sorting the supplies and boxing it up for the different schools in Winnipeg.

7.) Next meeting Thursday November 19, 2009 – AGM

8.) Meeting adjourned at 6:30