Winnipeg RWC Minutes (Oct 2012)

In Attendance: Karon Sackney, Dawn MacAulay, Paula Nygaard, Darlene McClure, Gloria Kelly, Marianne Hladun, Deanna Kimball-Cook
Regrets: Cathy Moar

1. Call to Order at 5:40 pm and the minutes from June 2012 were adopted.

2. Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report (Paula)
Bank Balance September 30, 2012 = $4011.63
Provisional Allocations $495.71 (2011 School Supply Drive) and $500.00 (for 2014 Prairies Convention)Actual Funds Available $3015.92

Deposits were made in October 2012 (2011/2012 rolled and loose coin, cash and cheque) Total deposited $870.90

3. Marianne Hladun PSAC Regional Executive Vice President, Prairies
Encourage committee to think outside the box to increase participation and also encouraged more participation in the community.
Advised that there is a new system for Committee Delegates and funding for Regional PSAC Convention
– Committee advised to stop allocating dollars from their account for Convention and that this will be done centrally by the REVP’s office for all Committees (RWC & HRC) and Area Councils in the Prairies. This will be allocated from the PSAC HQ dollars that are distributed to the Regions every year. The Prairie Region Council Allocation will continue.
– Also there will be a letter sent advising of changes to financial accounting procedures for the committees and an explanation of the above.
E-newsletter – Sister Hladun encouraged the committee to submit stories or ideas for stories to the Prairies e-newsletter (via Jeffrey Vallis)

4. New Business:
• School Supply Drive and Lunch Program
o Cathy and Deanna purchased $577.92 worth of supplies. 25 boxes of supplies were picked up by Winnipeg School Division # 1 for distribution to schools, students and teachers.
o There was not much of an interest by locals/branches this year. And there was a poor collection at the Bomber Game
o Total amount for allocation to school lunch programs, backpack, etc = $495.71 (2011) + $870.90 (2012) = $1366.61
o Committee will determine what schools they will be donating to at the November 2012 meeting
o Committee will submit ideas for next year at the November meeting
• One Day Women’s Education Event
o Saturday, December 8 at the PSAC Winnipeg Regional Office
o Space is limited & to register contact Regional Office
o History of women’s work and the labour movement, celebrate the gains made in our journey towards equality, develop strategies for the work still to be done & make friends, create allies and build solidarity!
• Prairies Regional Women’s Conference
o Timeline for Regional conference – May or June 2013
o National Women’s Conference November 18 – 21 2013, deadline for resolutions to the National women’s’ Conference will be June 21, 2013
o Overall Objectives – reach, involve and mobilize as many of our women members as possible to contribute collectively to social change
o In the past the Chair from each RWC participated in the organizing committee.

• Pan-Canadian Day of Action for Reproductive Justice: Equal Access Now! (October 20, 2012) Winnipeg Event TBA

• PSAC Women’s Program Update – distributed report from PSAC National Women’s Program

• Toiletry Collection – Committee was reminded to collect toiletries and drop them off at the Regional office. Deanna will check on the donation of toothbrushes and toothpaste.

• Area Council & Committee Survey on participation – Contact Chris Gagne. Volunteer from Winnipeg RWC is Paula Nygaard.

5. Next meeting date – Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6. Adjournment (6:45 pm)