Winnipeg RWC Minutes (May 2013)

Wednesday May 28, 2013 at 5:15 pm (these minutes are for your information & have not been approved)

In Attendance: Dawn MacAulay-AGR, Darlene McClure-AGR, Gloria Kelly-UNDE, Mona Simcoe-UNDE, Vimbai Dune – AGR, Deanna Kimball-Cook–PSAC staff, via conference call Paula Nygaard-UNDE

Introductions and Call to Order at 5:33 pm

PSAC Statement on Harassment read

Adoption of Agenda

                                   –Motion Darlene McClure/Gloria Kelly

Adoption of Minutesfrom November 21, 2012

            -accepted by Paula Nygaard as only one in attendance

            -consensus that minutes will be circulated for information from March 7, 2013

            – Minutes will be posted to the web with a note that they are not approved but for info only, and once they are approved that will be amended.

Chair’s Report

            -Highlights of the 2013 PSAC Prairies Regional Women’s Conference May 3-5, 2013

Treasurer’s Report

            -Discussion on surplus balance

            -idea that some of funds could be used for recruitment to women’s committee

-proposal will be submitted by Gloria Kelly and Paula Nygaard for a one day training session on topics such as self defence


School Supply DriveCash Donation

-$400 each was given to Plessis Robson Family Resource Centre (through Family Dynamic Inc), Kent Roadand Donwood Elementary

Motion Darlene McClure/Gloria Kelly

Toiletry Supplies

            -recipients McGregor Street Family Center/Vila Rosa/Nova house

New Business

Summer Fightback Campaign

            -Red River Exhibition booth in need of volunteers please contact PSAC office

Next Meeting September 17, 2013


Ended evening with sisterly conversation and filling toiletry supplies for shelters