Winnipeg RWC Minutes (May 2011)

Attended: Karon Sackney, Gloria Kelly, Paula Nygaard, Shelley Henn, Carol Selby, Vimbai Dune, Dawn MacAulay, Cathy Moar, Darlene McClure, Debbie Stern, Anne-Marie Synnott-Ocyle, Deanna Kimball

Regrets: Jill Aquino, Lydia Ang-Mars, Lynne Turcotte 

  1. Call to Order  5:25pm

  2. Round Table

  3. Adoption of Agenda – amend agenda to read School Supply Drive as opposed to SSD– M/S Dawn/Darlene

  4. Adoption of Minutes – M/S Gloria/Darlene

  5. Treasurer’s Report:  Bank Balance as of April 30, 2011 = $2615.61. Three cheques to be deposited – $450.00 for PSAC Convention Subsidy; $1000.00 for PSAC Headquarters Allocation; $500.00 Prairie Region Council Allocation; M/S Dawn/Debbie

  6. Old Business – School Supply Drive Poster – Deanna contacted the Bombers office; they replied that they will confirm a date for the game day collection in the beginning of June.  We discussed Pennies for Pencils. Vimbai has the big water bottles we can use to collect our pennies. Paula advised she has large moving boxes with handles we can use to transport the school supplies.

  7. New Business  – a)Resolutions for Convention-Winnipeg RWC submitted six resolutions to Convention, please read and be ready for Convention – b)School Supply Drive Poster – unanimously approved and will be sent out to the Locals by the end of the week.

  8. Next Meeting – June 22, 2011 at 5:15pm

  9. Meeting Adjourned at 6:15pm


NOTE* Deanna brought up Family Day at Assiniboine Park which will be sponsored by PSAC. We decided to come back to this as most in attendance have not been able to talk to their memberships and are awaiting Staff/AGMmeetings. As well, the committee had a discussion about the Severance Packages. Important to contact a financial advisor so you can make an educated decision on the choices that are offered to you, but didn’t see the need to hold joint meetings with financial advisors.