Winnipeg RWC Minutes (Jun 2011)

Attended: Paula Nygaard, Shelley Henn, Vimbai Dune, Carol Selby, Cathy Moar, Deanna Kimball. Special Guest: Lisa McLean

Regrets: Debbie Stern, Jill Aquino, Gloria Kelly, Karon Sackney, Anne-Marie Synnott, Rona Rosier

  1. Call to Order – 5:20pm

  2. Round Table – Intros

  3. Adoption of Agenda: M/S Shelley Henn/Cathy Moar

  4. Adoption of Minutes: M/S Carol Selby/Paula Nygaard

  5. Treasurer’s Report:

  6. Bank Balance May 31, 2011 – $4451.43

  7. outstanding expenses for RWC delegate to Prairie Convention, will be invoiced by REVP’s office

  8. Old Business: Bomber Game Day for School Supply Drive is now planned for September 30, 2011. We will be calling for Volunteers in July/August to assist with the collection of School Supplies at the Bomber game. Pennies for Pencils Drive started at some workplaces. Vimbai brought the water bottles for collection of the pennies.

  9. New Business:

Rebelles Conference Report from Lisa McLean CEIU Local 50769 member.

  • She reported that the age group was from 16 years to 35 years. There were 300+ young women in attendance from all provinces. The conference moved from their manifesto to create a political platform.   Creating a safe space and welcoming diversity during the conference was a theme that connected all topics discussed.  It was also reflective of the move from 2nd wave feminism of the ‘60s and ‘70s to 3rd wave feminism we are experiencing today.  The last day’s agenda was debated in plenary regarding what is safe space and diversity.  She went on to report on the two workshops she attended – Peace and Demilitarization action-area workshop and Reproductive Justice. She thought the Peace and Demilitarization workshop was too academic. The Reproductive Justice workshop was facilitated by a woman who works at the Morgantaler Clinic in Toronto.  The Aboriginal Workshop delegates/panel sat on stage in a sharing circle which Lisa reported was nice to see and hear. Also, the Sex Worker Plenary was a very divisive issue. This workshop consisted of sex trade workers and people who work with sex trade workers. Lisa is hoping for PSAC to put together a forum to discuss this format to raise awareness to the membership and is hoping to work with Rebelle’s participants. Deanna voice her idea regarding Dec 6 and International Women’s Day to Lisa. Deanna was wondering if Lisa could get speakers from this forum to come speak to this committee on Rebelle’s Mandate/ Governance so we are aware.

  • The committee also made a motion to donate $50.00 towards Jocelyne’s Retirement Party. M/S Carol Selby/Cathy Moar.

  • Next Meeting: September 26, 2011 at 5:15pm

  • Adjournment: M/S Paula Nygaard/Cathy Moar.