Winnipeg RWC Minutes (Apr 2011)

Attended:Vimbai Dune, Cathy Moar, Karon Sackney, Gloria Kelly, Dawn MacAulay, Alisha Bigelow, Darlene McClure, Robyn Benson, Deanna Kimball

Regrets:Paula Nygaard, Carol Selby, Maryann Petaski           

  1. Call to Order 5:25pm

  2. Round Table

  3. Adoption of Agenda – M/S Dawn/Darlene

  4. Adoption of Minutes: February 9, 2011 – M/S Gloria/Darlene

  5. Winnipeg RWC Treasurer’s Report – M/S Gloria/Darlene

Outstanding Invoices:

  • registration fees for the two sisters who attended IWD event

  • Food for April 20 meeting

  • RWC share for food – Mar. 15 joint meeting

  1. New Business:

  2. Increasing involvement of Sisters, specifically youth members, with the RWC?

  3. The Rebelles Conference, May 20 – 23, being held in Winnipeg at University of Winnipeg campus.  

  4. Deanna will invite the Winnipeg Sisters who are attending to the RWC meeting after the conference to give a report. 

  • PSAC Family Fun Day– focus on child care and the October 2011 Provincial election

  • The committee had a discussion about different types of activities or events for members and their families.

  • Suggestions: BBQ at Assiniboine Park with passes for the zoo for members’ children

  • PSAC looking at group rate at zoo for the kids, Family Fun Day at $5.00 per family to confirm attendance

  • Sister Benson funding could be available through political action

  • Suggested dates: Late August or Labour Day week-end

  • Deanna will send out a note to the RWC committee contacts asking for feedback on such an event and the RWC committee agreed to talk with members to gauge the response and level of interest in having a Family Fun Day.




  • International Women’s Day event for 2012





  • PSAC Women’s Program is developing a kit/information for sessions (e.g. child care) that can be held around International Women’s Day 2012.



     Federal Election – ‘Our Vote Counts’



  • Winnipeg Area Council has focused on three ridings -Winnipeg South Centre, Winnipeg North and St Boniface.  Sent all candidates in these targeted ridings, four (4) questions and have posted their answers on the Winnipeg web page.






  • Phone Bank April 26, 27 and 28 at the Winnipeg RO volunteers needed.





  • Information: Child Care (Code Blue for child care), PSAC fact sheets on child care, health care, Public Services and pensions.



    5th Annual School Supply Drive (SSD) and Winnipeg Blue Bombers game day collection




  • Deanna will contact the Winnipeg Blue Bombers re: game day collection in August or September.






  • Committee agreed to call the SSDPennies for Pencils.  Karon will provide a description of the process for collecting donations.






  • RWC Sub-Committee for Pennies for Pencils: Karon Sackney, Dawn MacAulay and Darlene McClure.






  • Poster for locals/branches requesting donations and volunteers will be developed before May’s RWC meeting.  Distribution of poster will be at the end of May.



      8. Next Meeting – Wednesday, May 18, 2011 @ 5:15pm

      9. Adjourned – M/S Gloria/Darlene