Winnipeg RWC AGM Minutes (March 2013)

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Wednesday, March 7, 2013 at 5:15 pm (DRAFT MINUTES – to be Approved at next AGM)

In Attendance: Dawn McAulay, AGR; Darlene McClure, AGR; Mona Simcoe, UNDE; Paula Nygaard, UNDE; Tracy Thor, PSAC Staff

Regrets: Cathy Moar, CEIU; Carol Selby, UVAE; Melody Raabe, UNE

            1.    Introductions and call to order at 5:25 pm

2.    Adoption of Agenda – Motioned by Paula and Seconded by Darlene, carried

3.    Adoption of AGMMinutes – Jan 25, 2013, Paula motioned to accept, seconded by Dawn, carried

4.    RWC Treasurer Report – 2012 Financial Statement and 2013 Budget

2012 Financial statement (see attached) motion to accept the 2012 Financial Statement, made by Darlene, seconded by Mona, carried

2013 Budget (see attached) motion to accept Paula, seconded by Darlene, carried

A note was made to ensure that the signing authorities are changed to remove Karon Sackney when the executive is elected. 

5.    RWC Elections

·        Chair – Dawn nominated by Darlene, seconded by Mona, accepted, acclaimed

·        Co-Chair – Darlene nominated by Dawn and seconded by Paula, accepted, acclaimed

·        Treasurer – Paula nominated by Dawn and seconded by Darlene, accepted, acclaimed

·        Secretary – Mona nominated by Paula, seconded by Dawn, accepted, acclaimed

6.    New Business

·        March 8 – International Women’s Day – locals were advised of activities and can confirm that some locals have distributed materials and will be promoting events, IWD materials here to takle back to locals along with letter from Sister Marianne Hladun, REVP Prairies

·        Meeting Dates for 2013 – April 30, May 28, Sept 17, Oct 22, Nov 19 and meeting room booked

·        Toiletries packaging and donation – to be completed next meeting so call out needs to take place well in advance and to be done right after short meeting

·        Donation – School supplies – the committee committed to coming to next meeting with names of schools that are in need and agreed not to donated back to the same schools to spread it around and search for new recipients

·        Conversation and reminder that the RWC is the host of the next seasonal celebration and needs to be much discussion on the format and timing of the event

·        Resolutions for Regional Women’s convention, the due date is April 10th so

7.    Next meeting dated is April 30, 2013at 5:15 pm  

8.    Adjournment at 6:10 pm