Winnipeg RWC AGM Minutes (Jan 2011)

Attended: Carol Selby UVAE 50044, Cathy Moar CEIU 50769, Darlene McClure AGR 50073, Dawn MacAulay AGR 50073, Vimbai Dune AGR 50073, Gloria Kelly UNDE 50705, Angie Giesbrecht AGR 50057, Karon Sackney USGE 50026, Deanna Kimball Winnipeg Regional Rep

Regrets: Sandy James, Melanie Setter

1. Call to Order – 5:18pm
2. Round Table
3. Adoption of Agenda – M/S Dawn / Gloria
4. Adoption of Minutes 
-AGM Nov 19/09 – M/S Gloria / Dawn
-Meeting Nov 18/10 – M/S Carol / Dawn

5. Treasurer’ Report
– Bank Balance December 31, 2010 $2,943.82
Carol moved for the report to be accepted – M/S Darlene / Dawn

6. RWC Executive Elections:
Nominees for Chair: Vimbai – M/S Karon / Cathy
Gloria – M/S Darlene / Dawn
Vimbai Duneis re-elected as Chair for this committee.
Nominees for Co-Chair: Karon – M/S – Vimbai / Gloria
Darlene – M/S – Dawn / Cathy
Karen Sackney is elected as Co-Chair for this committee.
Nominees for Treasurer: Carol – M/S – Karon / Vimbai
Dawn – M/S – Darlene / Cathy
Carol Selby is re-elected as Treasurer for this committee.
Nominees for Secretary: Cathy – M/S – Carol / Vimbai
No other Nominees – Cathy is acclaimed to this position for this committee.
Ballots were destroyed

7. New Business
a) PSAC Prairie Region Convention Delegate Election: 
Karon Sackney was elected as the RWC delegate to attend Convention. 
The RWC alternate will be determined at the next RWC meeting (Feb 9, 2011). The committee agreed that the alternate could also attend as an observer and be funded by the RWC. The expenses that would be covered for the observer to attend include lunch, loss of salary (Friday) and parking; no hotel. 

b) Resolutions for Prairie Region Convention: 
Deadline for resolutions is February 23, 2011. Resolution packages will be re-circulated to the committee and a decision on what resolutions will be sent forward to Convention will take place on Feb 9. 

c) UNIFEM Meetings: 
UNIFEM meetings are held at the end of each month. Sisters are welcome to attend these meetings and report back to the RWC. The next two UNIFEM Winnipeg Chapter meetings: 
– Monday, January 31st, 7:00 pm at the University Women’s Club, 54 West Gate discussion and presentation about Honouring Our Missing and Murdered Women
– Monday, February 28th, 7:00, at the University Women’s. A special program with a film and discussion on women and peace.

d) March 8, International Woman’s Day
-Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) & Winnipeg Labour Council (WLC) are organizing a day long event for International Women’s Day.
-2nd Annual Pancake Breakfast from 8 – 9 am
– There will be a march to the legislative bldg
– Workshops on Mentoring, Women in History and Rebel Cheerleading
-The CLC-MFL-WLC committee is looking for Sisters interested in mentoring. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or want to be mentored please contact Gloria Kelly (PSAC MFL Women’s Committee Rep) via e-mail
-The committee decided that it could use the money set aside in the budget for International Women’s Day/Dec. 6 to help fund Sisters to attend. 
-More details about the event and registration will be available in the near future. 

8. Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 @ 5:15pm
9. Motion to adjourn meeting at 6:20pm M/S Cathy / Gloria