Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Minutes (Dec. 6, 2017)

WINNIPEG Regional Women’s Committee December 6th, 2017 MINUTES 5 :15 pm

Call to order: 5:20

Attendance: Sheilagh Hanson, Serina Pottinger, Rita Gordon,Anna Goldfeld Nicole Papineau & Rachel d’Eschambault (by phone)
Tina Matias Bouchard –PSAC representative

1. Meeting was called to order by Chair Sheilagh Hanson @ 520 pm
2. Approval of the Agenda (1-Rachel 2-Sheilagh)
3. Statement on Harrassment – deemed in effect (Tina coordinator) motion accepted as read
Tri-committee meeting:
Approve the women’s portion on the last women’s committee meeting
Had to cancel violence against women

4. Approval of last minutes (September 28th and October 26th)- (1-Serina/2-Nicole (Tina changed the spelling of her name)

5. Treasurer’s report- presented by Nicole : (1 -Anna and 2-Serina)
-Outstanding cheque for $400 Kent Road breakfast program
Sheilagh tried to contact the school, no response.
It’s stale dated. (after 6 months). We haven’t expended that money.
Option # 1 – Nicole to call the school and ask who is responsible for the breakfast program and see if we are re-writing a cheque
Option #2 –Give it to another school (and cancel the cheque). Rita can take over this project, and we can vote on the re-allocation of the funds. (by email)
Total balance -$2266.66
**Rachel has received signing authority
If there is anything you want to join, (eg women’s group such as equal voice) we have to ask. (Tina is stating pro-rated vs full membership. Dec-dec, expense needs to fall within the fiscal)

Tina is concerned why we didn’t spend all the allotted money in the projected budget.
What was put forward in the budget plan that we didn’t spend? We have to make a proposal to direct money

6. Flavie Laurent underwear campaign
$349.00 already spent. Cheque written to Rachel. $51.00 more Purchase to be made in the next week. Nicole’s local has generously given $250. Rachel’s office has donated $45.00 plus many bras

7. New business :
Where is this committee going 2018?
Engaging more women? Monkey survey 10 questions. We need to ask the local what they see the Women’s Committee is, and what they’d like to see the committee doing?
Child care?
Those who identify as women?
Take back the Night
16 Days of Activism
Oct 4th
Planning meetings in the new year
Discuss the 4 priorities of PSAC

8. – Plan a proposed budget for next year:
Memberships for women’s issues and miscellaneous funding for events (example: Equal Voice?) $200
Bibs for women’s committee events? (wasn’t approved) – Tina to follow up
Dinners for the year -10 meetings – $700
Breakfast programs for schools $400 x schools Total $800
Nova House domestic violence shelter – feminine products $400
Manitoba Labour Christmas tree (MFL)(huge xmas party for underprivileged children, including coats,boots,gifts) $200
National day of Mourning brunch $120
Self- defence training for women $600 (need to build in room rental due to PSAC renovations)
Loss of salary for training $500
Domestic violence workshop $500
MFL women’s conference $1125 + loss of salary
Community gardens -SCRAPPED
North Point Douglas women’s centre (Mama Bear Clan) $400
Women’s shelters toiletry campaign continues
Flavie Laurent – underwear campaign $400
Honorarium Oct 4 $??
16 days prizes $100
Room rental $??? If renovations occur

9. Next meeting dates:
Need to arrange for space (Union Centre?) during the renovations
Should try to stick to consistent date
January 9th, 2017 @5:15pm.
Then February 6th, then March 6th. April 3rd. May 8st, June 5th. September 4th. October 2nd. Nov 6th. Dec 4th.

10. Adjournment: 7:30 pm