Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (September 11, 2023) – DRAFT

Meeting Minutes for September 11, 2023

Call to Order: Meeting opened at 7:20 by Nicole

Land Acknowledgement:

In this region, we live and work on Treaty One land, in the traditional territory of the Annishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation.

PSAC Statement on Harassment – acknowledged as printed -Tracy Thor designated recipient

Introductions – New Committee members

Adoption of Agenda:    

Motion to adopt agenda as circulated.     Motion Nicole/Mona

Adoption of Minutes:

Still waiting on Budget Approval.

Budgeted items scheduled will need to be requested for approval to the REVP individually until budget is approved.

Motion to adopt March 21 minutes as circulated.   Motion Mona/Nicole

Treasurer’s report:

Signing Authorities are done.

Cristina to set up online banking for statement information access.

WRWC business:     

PSAC Prairies Convention 9-11 June – Delegate Nicole Papineau will be attending for WRWC

MFL Women’s Conference 26-27 Sep

Delegate Tannis Dorward – Nominated by Nicole Papineau Seconded by Mona Simcoe

Tannis Dorward elected by acclimation

WRWC BBQ 28 June

Decision to postpone BBQ as the Prairies convention may be electing new officers and Nicole and Mona are not able to attend due to family commitments.  Too short of time to set up for attendance numbers at this time.


WRWC Living Calendar 2023 – posted on PSAC WRWC web page

Jun 04 – Pride Parade join PSAC Human Rights Committee

Jun 09-12 – PSAC Prairies Regional Convention

Jun 28 – Mtg & BBQ Budget $400

Sep 04 – Labour Day join PSAC Area Council Committee

Sep 11 – Mtg & “kNOw Poverty” speaker Budget $200-breakfast program

Oct 16 – Mtg & “Socktober” Donations Budget $100-socks

Oct 31 – Bear Clan safe Halloween Budget $100-treats

Nov 13 – Mtg Budget Budget $90

Nov 25 – Dec 10 – 16 days of activism against gender violence

Dec 06 – National Day of Remembrance MFL luncheon Budget $300

Dec 11 – Mtg & Clothing and Hamper Drives Donations-winter wear Budget-$300 hamper

Next Meeting Date

Sep 11, 2023



Manitobans must receive a living wage and 10 paid sick days per year.


Manitoba must act to end homelessness and core housing need through a comprehensive housing strategy.


Manitoba must invest in programs to support the educational pursuits of residents of all ages. 


Manitoba must increase funding for mental health and harm reduction programs to support low-income residents. 


Manitoba must double the funding available to community-based restorative justice programs.


Manitoba must increase the support available to children in care and youth aging out of care to break cycles of poverty.


Manitoba must increase funding for subsidized Winn Pass transit passes and invest in inter-community transportation.

PSAC PRC Women’s Committee Rep Report – Sherry Hunt

Nicole introduced Sherry to the committee.  Sherry is the conduit for all WRWC matters to the Prairie Regional Council.  Sherry commented on the great turnout to the meeting.  Building the movement to bring awareness to women’s issues.  Nicole Papineau was elected as the alternate PSAC PRC Women’s Committee Rep and Sherry will be involving this position more in the work that is done.

Sherry Hunt is also the chair of the PRC Education committee, and the goal is to increase education in the region.  Sherry will be discussing with REVP about a strategic plan for the new term to focus on Women’s health and health care in general.

The following are coming up and it is encouraged for all to apply. 

Union Work for Women – 28 Oct – 01 Nov in Regina Deadline to Register Oct 2.

Regional Women’s Committee Townhall – 25 Sep at 7:00pm.

Regional Committee Training (Pan Prairie Virtual) 12-13 Oct 10:30-5:00 Deadline to Register Sep 28.

Introducing PSAC Prairie Regional Committee (Pan Prairie Virtual) – Nov 16 Deadline to Register Nov 2.

Adoption of Minutes:

Motion to adopt March 21 minutes as circulated.   Motion Mona/Nicole

Treasurer’s report:

31 Dec 22 Opening Balance $1205.80


Budget Advance for Earth Day events $500.00

Budget 2023 approval deposit $1500.00


SJF Coffee purchase 2022 $98.00

AGM mtg $58.36

Crisis training $450.00

31 Aug 23 Closing Balance $2599.44

Outstanding as per Budget 2023

$100.00 SJF coffee – to Willow place (International Women’s Day)

$200.00 Feminine products – to MAMA clan (Earth Day)

$200.00 Breakfast items – Teulon School donation (Poverty MB)

$100.00 Socks – Main Street Project (6th Socktober)

$100.00 Treats – Bear Clan Safe Halloween

$90.00 – Nov Meeting

$300.00 – MFL luncheon National Day of Remembrance

$300.00 – Hamper donation (North Point Douglas Women’s Center)

Motion to adopt Treasurer’s Report as presented    Motion Cristina/Jessica

WRWC business: 

Education Schedule for fall – please check the web site for the fall schedule and sign up for the many opportunities available.

PSAC Prairies Convention 9-11 June – Delegate Nicole Papineau attended for WRWC.

Further report at next meeting but interesting note to mention all those running for REVP were women and all had women campaign managers.

Labour Day March on 04 Sep – Nicole Papineau attended the event to support the PSAC Wpg Area Council. The annual Labour Day Rally is hosted by the Winnipeg Labour Council. Hundreds of union members from various labour organizations marched from Memorial Park down Broadway towards The Forks, finishing up at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

MFL Women’s Conference 26-27 Sep – Tannis Dorward and Cristina Esposito are attending on behalf of WRWC.  The theme is “Women belong in all places where union decisions are being made“

Teulon Elementary School Breakfast Program – kNOw Poverty

This is a donations-based program for those children in need.  It is open to all children so not to highlight any specific child’s situation.  But the majority are those families in need of help feeding their families.  The school supplies a cold breakfast in morning before school and has supplies on hand for lunch and recess break of granola bars, crackers, bread for toast etc. for those children that may need a lunch top up.

The WRWC serves PSAC members and communities that live outside the city limits, and this is one of those initiatives.


WRWC Living Calendar 2023 – posted on PSAC WRWC web page

Oct 16 – Mtg & “Socktober” Donations Budget $100-socks

Sixth Annual Socktober – Main Street Project

In anticipation of the coming winter months, we are asking for help in collecting 30,000pairs of new donated socks during the month of October so that we can keep lots of pairs of feet dry, warm, and healthy.  We have many kinds of sock needs here at Main Street Project. From folks coming into Protective Care with nothing on their feet at all to our shelter community members needing a new pair of dry socks to people living in transitional housing needing new socks, we cover a wide range of needs of those we serve. People experiencing homelessness are at risk of developing serious feet health issues including infections, ulcers, ingrown toenails, and nerve damage due to diabetes. Being exposed to the elements can cause frostbite. In severe cases, foot health issues can lead to serious illness and amputation.

Many of the folks we see at MSP spend a lot of time on their feet, often walking several hours a day in ill-fitting shoes and they often don’t have access to a shower to clean their feet with the opportunity to change into clean dry socks. We want to do everything we can to help keep these folks healthy over the coming winter months by being able to provide clean dry socks.

Check out posters and info at and consider setting up a donation station in your workplace.

Oct 31 – Bear Clan Safe Halloween Event Budget $100-treats

Nov 13 – Budget Mtg Budget $90

Nov 25 – Dec 10 – 16 days of activism against gender violence

Dec 06 – National Day of Remembrance MFL luncheon Budget $300 for table of 10.

Confirmed Attendance to date – Mona Simcoe, Nicole Papineau, Cristina Esposito

Dec 11 – Mtg & Clothing and Hamper Drives Donations-winter wear Budget-$300 hamper

Winter Wear Drive – West Central Women’s Resource Centre

Collecting of new or gently used items or money to support this drive.

Christmas Hamper Drive Donations – North Point Douglas Women’s Centre

Collecting items such as toys, adult gifts, food hamper to support this drive.

Planning 2024 – Calendar of Activities – Nicole

The Nov Budget meeting we will be setting the dates and themes for our 2024 calendar.  If there is an initiative that is near and dear to you, know that you have the “horsepower” of the committee to action. This is the place to take the lead, get budget funding, and to help us plan our 2024 calendar.

WRWC Facebook Page

Support system for one another, place to add information to inspire others, any announcements and learning opportunities.

Next Meeting Date

16 Oct 23