Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (October 18, 2021)

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee (WRWC)
Oct 18/2021

Mona Simcoe – Chair
Nicole Papineau – Vice Chair
Faye Kingyens – Treasurer/Secretary
Martha Johnson – PSAC Rep/Technical Advisor
Marianne Hlaldun – PSAC REVP Prairies

Members :
Lisa Robillard, Melody Tardiff , Yvonne Hein

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by Nicole

Guest speaker:
Angie Hutchinson – Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre – Pinawa

Angie introduced herself and explained that the purpose behind Survivor’s Hope was to help in the battle the trafficking of women. They serve the eastern half of inter lake regional health authority and are now expanding to the western half. They are a sexual assault resource centre that works to empower and support survivors. There are very few resources for women outside of large urban centres so they are there to provide counselling and support through SARAH (Sex assault recovery and healing). They also take the SADI (sexual assault discussion initiative) into schools – grades 6 through 12, to discuss healthy relationships, building self-esteem and sexual exploitation. They provide a girl’s mentorship program aimed at building leadership skills, promoting inclusivity and creating a safe space for mentors and mentees. Survivor’s Hope also works with communities to improve support for survivors and victims of sex violence and relationship abuse with the Reaching Out program. The trafficking of women is a growing problem as younger girls (age 13 – 14) are now being targeted, and abuse is moving online where it is easier to hide and harder to stop.

After the presentation there was a discussion on how the committee could help Survivors Hope. Reaching out to our MLAs and advocating for health care services outside of Winnipeg was proposed. The health care costs are higher in rural areas, due partly to transport issues, so support is needed to increase their health care dollars in order to provide equitable services.

As the allotted time for tonight’s meeting was up it was decided to adjourn and continue with the regular committee business at the next meeting.

Links shared by presenter for information:
CWF-TraffickingReport-Main-EN-Dec_9.indd (

“NO MORE” Ending Sex-Trafficking In Canada Report of the National Task Force on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada – commissioned by the Canadian Women’s Foundation Fall 2014

From the Mamawi site under sex trafficking, there are also the following resources:

Six National Task Force Reports – Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

  1. “NO MORE” Ending Sex Trafficking in Canada
  2. We need to find our voices and say “NO MORE” 
  3. “We are at a critical moment.” 
  4. LAWS TO COMBAT SEX TRAFFICKING: An Overview of International, National, Provincial and Municipal Laws and their Enforcement 
  5. An Assessment of Sex Trafficking May 2013

CNN Freedom Project – Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

CNN’s Paula Newton introduces us to the activists, the advocates and the survivors who are working hard to change the narrative. 

In the News – Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre

Angie Hutchinson, Executive Director
Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre
Pronouns: she/her/Ikwe

Phone: 204-753-5353
Facebook: @survivorshope

Meeting Adjourned by Nicole Papineau