Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes (June 14, 2021)

Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee

June 14/2021

  1. Called to order at 7:07pm by Nicole
  2. Statement on harassment accepted as read. Martha designated complaint coordinator.
  3. Introductions of participants

Name/Component or DCL/Share a story behind a favorite possession or weird artifact. It can be a family heirloom, an odd utensil, some impractical souvenir from a far-off land, or a mysterious pebble with a long and sordid history. Why they like the object, what it means, and where it was acquired.

4. Agenda presented by Nicole
Motion to accept by Faye, seconded by Mona

5. Minutes from May 18th meeting presented.
Motion to accept by Faye, seconded by Nicole.

6. Treasurers Report
Martha shared the business form that needs to be signed and presented to bank with meeting minutes. Faye will drop off PSAC letter re change in signing authority to bank and Nicole and Mona are to go and sign up.

7.New Business
Facebook page created by Mona. This will be open to all who request it but will remain as private group. Mona encourage all to share with women in our workplaces. Page will be posted to PSAC Prairie Region website. Nicole suggesting inviting retirees to join, Mona agree to put this out for discussion

  • Equity Conference set for Nov 22 – 27. Deadline for resolutions is July 16th it is suggested to review old resolutions that didn’t pass and new resolutions from PSAC to discuss next meeting. Nicole to Check with Jen re Human Rights resolutions.
  • RWC calendar set up by Mona. This is a draft which covers up til Dec 2022. Mona requested input from committee. Calendar gives notice of upcoming events and a small paragraph describing each event to peak interest and encourage participation. It will be a fluid document. Events were reviewed and Mona asked to add Santa Claus parade and Pride parade.
  • Nicole proposed a business case for funding an app – she is write proposal for budget item and present at next meeting

    8. Next meeting set for July 12

    9. Meeting adjournment 8:15, motioned by Nicole, all in favor.