Winnipeg Regional Woman’s Committee Meeting Minutes (September 12, 2022)

Nicole Papineau, Mona Simcoe, Faye Kingyens, Rita Gordon, Martha Johnson – PSAC Rep/Technical Advisor

Call to Order: Meeting opened at 7:05 by Nicole

Land Acknowledgement:
In this region we live and work on Treaty One land, in the traditional territory of the Annishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation.

PSAC Statement on Harassment – Nicole Papineau designated recipient

Introductions:  This month’s topic “Summer Self-Care”

Adoption of Agenda:    
Motion to adopt agenda as shared    Motion Rita/Faye

Adoption of Minutes:
Motion to adopt WRWC minutes of May 09, 2022     Motion Mona/Faye

Treasurer’s report:
-Unallocated monies were found by RO $30.00. 
-WRWC budget was approved and direct deposit of $1,600 was made to account in July
-Motion that these funds go towards the Winter Wear drive for the purchase of items.    
     Motion Mona/Nicole

9.    WRWC business:
2022 PSAC Prairie Regional Women’s ConferenceResolutions
-deadline for resolutions Sep 30.
-Mona will share any resolutions that come through the retreat planning committee.
-we can approve resolutions at an emergency meeting before Sep 30 if needed.

10.  Annual Report 2021 and Budget 2022
Budget was approved by Regional office July 17, 2022.  The Kent breakfast school item denied stating that it had not been approved for several years as there was no confirmation of the need and no acknowledgement from Kent School.  The June BBQ was approved but request will need to be submitted separately as budget was not approved till after scheduled event which was postponed. The maximum amount that can be used for meetings is $90 per up to six meetings a year so this line item was lowered.

MAWS -Political Action Letter campaign
Survivor’s Hope -Political Action Letter campaign

International Womens Day Purchase PSAC Cafe Justicia coffee as a means of promoting this fair trade++ with grassroots and indigenous rights and the SJF.  Budget $100
Bear Clan Patrol engaged walk donationBudget $200 for supplies such as water/snacks  
MAMA Clan Earth Day donation Budget $200 donation of feminine hygiene products

     UPCOMING  2022
Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Budget $710
Bear Clan Patrol Halloween Event Budget $100
MFL Memorial Luncheon Budget $270
North Point Douglas Women’s Centre Hamper Budget $300

2022 PSAC Prairie Regional Women’s Conference Resolutions & Steering Committee (Nicole)
Letters were sent to 60 members to attend. 
2022 PSAC National Triennial Convention and Women’s Caucus follow-up (Mona/Faye)
Comments that a Virtual convention was not as productive.
OCTOBER 11 – WRWC Mtg  Speaker – June Winger – career w DND first women in her trade|
OCTOBER 28-31 – PSAC Prairies Regional Women’s Conference (Calgary)
OCTOBER 31 – Bear Clan Halloween gathering treat event           
NOVEMBER 14 – WRWC Mtg – Budget planning for WRWC 2023
Facebook Group – PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee
West Central Women’s Resource Centre – December Winter Wear Drive donations
North Point Douglas Womens Centre – December Christmas Hamper Drive donations

Round Table
Next Meeting Date – Oct 18, 2022
Adjournment – Nicole