Winnipeg Regional Woman’s Committee Meeting Minutes (November 21, 2022)

Nicole Papineau, Mona Simcoe, Faye Kingyens, Sheri Parent, Narisa Garcia, Keri D’Avignon-Nault, Elaine Lawerence (Thunder Bay),  Tracy Thor – PSAC Rep/Technical Advisor

Call to Order: Meeting opened at 7:05 by Nicole

Land Acknowledgement:
In this region we live and work on Treaty One land, in the traditional territory of the Annishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree and Dakota peoples and in the heart of the Metis Nation.
PSAC Statement on Harassment – acknowledged as printed -Tracy Thor designated recipient
Introductions:  “Who’s Who”

Adoption of Agenda:    
Motion to adopt agenda with addition of 16 Days of Action and Update from Regional Office.
Motion Keri/Mona

Adoption of Minutes:
Minutes of Sep 26 and Oct 18 not available.  Will adopt at Dec 12 meeting.        

Treasurer’s report:
     Motion Faye/Nicole

WRWC business:
2022 PSAC Prairie Regional Women’s Conference“Bridging the Gap.” 
Members in attendance voiced how much they enjoyed the conference.  Highlights included –concept of time poverty, laughing yoga, well organized, look forward to attending more, found friends in room, enjoyed the speakers, new friends made, Zin Book is amazing. 

Budget Planning Annual Report 2022 and Budget 2023:
-suggest two meetings a year should be hybrid to reconnect in person.
Budget Ideas:
-March 8 participate in a PSAC Prairies womens event if offered
-April clean up reschedule as last year was rained out.
-June participate in the PSAC pride parade through the Human Rights committee
-hold a BBQ event to connect in person
-Fayes component had some guest speakers that she will investigate
-Indigenous women elder speaker
-Harassment and bullying speaker

Outstanding 2022 budget items:
Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Budget $710 – reschedule for 2023
International Womens Day Purchase PSAC Cafe Justicia coffee as a means of promoting this fair trade++ with grassroots and indigenous rights and the SJF.  Budget $100
Mama Bear clan donation of feminine products.  Nicole purchased these item and discussion followed on the opportunity to talk about period poverty and the stigma attached around menstruation.  Conversation on continuing to pressure the government in making these products free.

      Secretarial note:
There are many articles on line here is one Period equity: What it is and why it matters – Harvard Health

We need to address stigma around menstruation in order to understand and fix the challenges people face around access to menstrual hygiene products. Period poverty is real. Period equity should be real, too. Embarrassment or taboos may prevent people from advocating for themselves, but if that stigma is removed — or even eased by talking through these issues — we as a society can move forward to address the needs of half of our population. There is no equity when half the population bears the financial and physical distress as a consequence of the reproductive cycle needed to ensure human survival.

There are simple solutions to period poverty. The first is to eliminate the tax on menstrual products. Think about it: just as food, a necessity for all of us, is not taxed, menstrual products should not be taxed. Products that are reusable, such as menstrual cups or underwear, should be subsidized, and their use encouraged, to eliminate excess waste from individually wrapped pads and tampons. If these products are publicized, promoted, and affordable, more women may opt for them. Pads and tampons should be available free of charge in schools and federal buildings.“

MFL Memorial Luncheon Budget $270
purchased a table of ten for $300 those in attendance tonight get first pick
-Mona 2, Nicole 1, Sheri 3, Faye 1
-three tickets unspoken for will post on facebook page again.

Winter Wear Drive – West Central Women’s Resource Centre
Collecting of new or gently used items or money to support this drive.  Items can be dropped of at Regional office or Nicole can arrange pick up.

Christmas Hamper Drive Donations Budget $300 – North Point Douglas Women’s Centre
Collecting items such as toys, adult gifts, food hamper to support this drive.  Items can be dropped of at Regional office or Nicole can arrange pick up.

Facebook Group – PSAC Winnipeg Regional Women’s Committee

16 Days of Action Activity Calendar – Mona will produce a calendar for members to participate in an activity each day between Nov 25-Dec 10.  Ideas Join facebook WRWC group Join Dec 12 WRWC mtg.

Regional Office update – Tracy Thor
PSAC National Women’s Conference Mar 31-Apr 2
PSAC is in strike mode – Day of Action for Nov 28 join virtual event
Regional Office is open for business and can be drop point for donations and do hybrid meetings
T-Shirts “PSAC women in community” shirts.  The WRWC would like to order some shirts for our work in the community for 2023. 

Round Table
Nicole – Reminder to give yourselves time to turn off.
Elaine – enjoying Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast about attitudes to women’s sexuality and the sterotypes that hold women back.

Next Meeting Date – Dec 12, 2022
Adjournment – Nicole