Winnipeg Human Rights Committee Minutes (May 2018)

WINNIPEG AREA Human Rights MEETING Thursday June 14 at 17:15 PM 175 Hargrave St

  1. Call to order

* Called to Order at 17:30 hours

2.      Introductions

      * Round of Introductions Made

      *Present Elaine Lawrence, James Cooke, Randy Way and Nathan Berry

3.      Adoption of Agenda

      * No adoption of Minutes to be voted on

4.      PSAC Statement on Harassment

      * Put into Order

5.      Last meeting minutes’ approval

      * No Previous Minutes to be voted on

6.     Election Open for two positions (Secretary and Treasurer)

      * Nominated for Secretary Randy Way, moved by Elaine Lawrence, seconded by James Cooke and carried unanimously.

      * Nominated for Treasurer Nathan Berry, moved by Randy Way, seconded by Elaine Lawrence and carried unanimously

      * Both positions have been filled for the Human Rights Committee for Manitoba.

      * Signing authorities will be changing over to be in compliance.

7.      Treasurer’s report

      * No funds or expenditures to report at this time.

      * Human Rights committee is not in compliance at this time

      * Discussions around funding dollars and meeting minutes were discussed to bring the Human Rights Committee back into good standings.

8.      Discuss year-end Report and Prepare

      * No funds, Human Rights Committee did not participate in the Pride Parade for Winnipeg 2018.

      * Discussion to allocate funds are in progress to determine future events and functions.

8.      Discussion ideas for 2018

      * Shoal Lake tour was discussed for this upcoming August 2018, pending funding and direction.

      *All other events put on hold until the Human Rights Committee is in Good Standing.

9.  Next meeting date

      * Will be announced in the near future.

11.      Adjournment

      * Meeting concluded at 18:30 Hours

In Solidarity,

James Cooke, Co- Chair

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee