Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee Minutes (Feb 12, 2019)

WINNIPEG AREA Human Rights MEETING – Tuesday Feburary 12, 2019  at 17:15 PM – 175 Hargrave St

In attendance: James Cooke (Co-Chair), Zeena Mohammed, Jennifer Chieh Ho, Nathan Berry (Treasurer), Lindsey Sparks (PSAC)

Regrets: Elaine Lawrence

  1. Call to order * Called to Order at 17:30 hours

  2. Introductions

      * Round of Introductions Made

      *Present James Cooke, Nathan Berry, Zeena Mohammed, Jennifer Chieh Ho

  3.  Adoption of Agenda

      * No adoption of Minutes to be voted on

  4.  PSAC Statement on Harassment

      * Put into Order

  5.  Last meeting minutes’ approval

      * No Previous Minutes to be voted on

   6. Spoke about Group dynamic, lack of Participation, New Ideas to get People involved and out to meetings.

      a. Promoting a Human Rights Blitz

      b. Pamphlet drive

      c. Email list updates

      d. Electronic mail drops

  7. Organizing a Black History Gathering

      a. Short Stories

      b. YouTube Video Demonstration

8.   Discussion inviting Equity Reps to the Human Rights Meeting, Via Tele conference.

9.   Discussion on developing a Terms of Reference.

10. Discussed March 21, Day of eliminating Racism

      a. Further discussion to be held on February 27, 2019 Meeting

11. Talked about the need for getting a committee for the upcoming Pride Parade

      a. Further discussion to be had.

12. Round Table Discussion

      a. Nathan disclosed Indigenous Services has a new position (Indigenous      Representative)

      b. Nathan discussed Lack of Funds for the Human Rights Committee and outstanding balances still owed.

      c. Nathan discussed struggles with the bank to signing authority for the Human Rights Committee.

 7.      Treasurer’s report

      * No funds or expenditures to report at this time.

      * Human Rights committee is not in compliance at this time

8.      Discuss year-end Report and Prepare

      * No funds, Human Rights Committee did not participate in the Pride Parade for Winnipeg 2018.

      * Discussion to allocate funds are in progress to determine future events and functions.

8.      Discussion ideas for 2019

      * To be determined at the next Meeting

9.  Next meeting date

      * February 27 ,2019 at 17;15 hours

11.      Adjournment

      * Meeting concluded at 18:30 Hours

Minutes prepared by James Cooke, Co- Chair

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee