Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee Meeting Minutes (May 20, 2020)

PSAC Human Rights Committee Meeting
May 20, 2020 at 5:30pm via Conference Call

PSAC Human Rights Committee Meeting
May 20, 2020 at 5:30pm via Conference Call

Present: Jennifer Chieh Ho (Chair), Debbie Leaman (Treasurer), Deanna Ng (Secretary), Khalid Ahmad, Jackie Nanali, Nathalie Richard, Tina Matias-Bouchard (PSAC Rep), Lindsay DeJagger
Regrets: Sheryl Knittig,

Call to Order: Jen: 5:37pm

1.Land Acknowledgement – Jen

2.Round Table: (Intros)

3.Approval of Agenda and Minutes:
Motion: To approve minutes of May 5, 2020: Debbie/Jackie Passed.

Additions to Agenda:

Old business (6)

New Business (7)

Motion: To accept the agenda: Jen/ Khalid Passed.

4.Finances – Debbie

No transactions and did not receive bank statements.
Debbie is in the process of scanning documents for the record.

5. Elections: Tina reviewed the instructions:

  • Call for Nominations for Vice Chair (Nathalie nominates Jackie, Khalid 2nd) Jackie will let her name stand.
  • 2nd and 3rd call, no further nominations. Jackie will let her name stand.
  • Jackie accepted Vice Chair position.
  • Congratulations Jackie.

6. Old Business:

a. Asian Heritage Month Webinar May 26, 2020 at 6:30pm

  • This will involve REVP greeting, Exec HRC members present.
  • This is followed by questions, polls, education and awareness.
  • Poll questions – we are doing a percentage
  • Members from Calgary and Regina are attending.
  • Sent out by ROs in Prairies.
  • Thanks to Tina, Karoline and REVP and Jen for planning.
  • Event is available to PSAC members or public – to register online: PSAC Prairie Webinar (
  • 68 views 23 clicks (as of May 20)
  • Get numbers after to see stats – to focus people who logged in.

b. Pride:

  • Application sent to REVP Office.
  • Nothing is in regarding our Registration Application and Budget Request
  • AREA Council helped in participating, float and music.
  • Committee to follow up in June at Area Council


Nathalie offered to volunteer and be AREA Council contact person.

7. New Business:

a. June 21 National Indigenous Day Celebration:

  • Jen gave info on what we are doing, planning, process, steps from our AHM planning.
  • Jen Invited Prairie Committee Chairs to a meeting. Things are at a standstill, but we held a first virtual meeting. Plans with committees are not right now.
  • In the past PSAC had a booth at the Forks for National Indigenous Day.
  • Note: Manitoba 150 – Louis Riel was our first provisional government that created Manitoba. National Indigenous Day includes Metis.
  • June 21 is Sunday, so it would be the second last week of June but not Thursday (webinar).


  • Kathy has a committee with Shannon – Secretary and Metis Association connections/member. We will ask her input in planning, first.
  • Calgary Chair Kathy will check in with Other HRCs like Regina and Edmonton.
  • Regina Chair Tim offered to help with spreading the word.
  • Edmonton Chair Steve had some people offer to organize.
  • Nathalie will ask a coworkers/knowledge keeper from an Indigenous heritage, and post-secondary educator,

Questions for Calgary:

  • What do they have planned so far?
  • What would they like us to do?
  • Do they need a poster and program?


  • Committee to start work on it as soon as next Thursday.
  • Winnipeg and Calgary to work closely on this.

Motion: To work with Calgary HRC to organize June 21 National Indigenous Collaboration Jen/Debbie Passed.

b. Petitions on PSAC Site.

c. Bear Clan Walk:

  • No Bear Clan walk with Siloam this year.
  • In the past PSAC did a sock and mitt drive?
  • Jackie to contact Siloam to see what they need now or during the Holidays.
  • Committee to share with PSAC members and colleagues, and to consider a PSAC committee donation budget (out of committee funds).

Motion: To do a call out for donations for Siloam Mission: Jackie/Nathalie Passed.

8.Round Table: (Close)

Motion: To adjourn: Jen 6:43pm

Next meeting TBA.