Winnipeg HRC Mtg Minutes – Sep 22 2016

Present: James Cooke, Chair; Maria Pikta; Morgan Abal; Yvonne Hein; Joyful Chan; Gus Mardi; Jackie Namali


Human Rights Committee

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2016
Time: 5:15 Pm
Location: 175 Hargrave Ave, Winnipeg


Present:          James Cooke, Chair
                        Maria Pikta
                        Morgan Abal
                        Yvonne Heim
                        Joyful Chan
                        Gus Mardi
                        Jackie Namali 

Absent:          Darlene Mclure
                        Sean Burkowski

Call to Order: 5:15 Pm

Reading and Approval of Previous Minutes: Minutes of July 30, 2016 accepted.

Treasure’s Report:  Not presented at this meeting and will be available at next meeting Oct 20, 2016

New Business:

Help those in needs of staying warm this winter.  We are asking our members to clean out our personal closets and to give gently used clothing to support local agencies and organizations that assist those struggling.

We asking each component and Human Rights Executive to assist by accepting these items and to notify the Human rights committee and the Chair (James Cooke)

We are asking for those willing to give up some of their time to deliver these items to the respected organizations on behalf of our members and the Human Rights Committee.

Upcoming Elections

Resolution Meeting will be Held October 20, 2016

  • Asking members to draft Resolutions
  • Discussion on Resolutions
  • Preparation for upcoming Elections

Election Meeting Scheduled for November 24 or December 1, 2016  

  • Election Meeting for upcoming Events

Follow Up with Area Joint Meeting

  • Working on encouraging new members
  • Working jointly with all Committee’s
  • Utilizing Resources and Strengths of all Committees

Old Business:

Spoke about events and successes

  • Gay Pride Winnipeg
  • Steinbach Pride
  • Aboriginal Day
  • Drag the Red
  • Habit for Humanity ( Information was not Passed on)

Open Forum:


  •  Opened the floor to new ideas, strategies and events that can or will be addressed.
  • Spoke about Falcon Ouellette stepping down from the Liberal. Approaching him on his stance around Aboriginal issues and new Strategies.
  • Spoke about training for Human Rights Representatives and Establishing a Network Panel
  • How to proceed on the distribution of clothing, if and when acquired.

Next Meeting:

            October 20, 2016 (Tentatively)


Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM