Winnipeg HRC Mtg Minutes (Nov 24 2009)

Minutes from the November 24, 2009 Winnipeg Human Rights Committee meeting.

Agenda: Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Present: Off-site event at the WHAKA PIMADIZIIWII PINAYSIIWIGAMIC (Circle of Life Thunderbird House)

The original meeting date of October 20th had to be rescheduled to November 24 due to logistical hurdles. PSAC issued a corrected “Notice of Meeting” through the normal channels on October 6th. Participant limit was capped at 16 per the Notice. Responses resulted in 14 confirmed attendees.

The event was cancelled at noon on November 24th by the host venue due to mechanical difficulties that had occurred that morning. Chris Davis, on behalf of the Committee, immediately sent an email notice of cancellation and apology to all confirmed attendees. One non-confirmed participant did go to the venue on November 24th and was advised of the cancellation at that time. The Committee incurred no financial loss, nor is any deposit being held by the host venue.

Discussion of whether to reschedule this event will be placed on the agenda of the next Committee planning meeting, which is scheduled for January 19, 2010.