Winnipeg HRC Mtg Minutes (June 3 2009)

Present: Don Rogers, Chris Davis, Craig Wood, Donna Fedon, Vimbai Dune-Chitohwa, Meconnan Beyene, Jocelyne Poirier

Present: Don Rogers, Chris Davis, Craig Wood, Donna Fedon, Vimbai Dune-Chitohwa, Meconnan Beyene, Jocelyne Poirier

Regrets : Hycinth Jayasuriya , Marc Danis, Heather Millar

In the interim since the last meeting – Sept 17/08 – the chair has resigned due to personal circumstances. In the absence of a chair, Jocelyne set a general direction for the agenda at 17:10.

A round of introductions was done.

A presentation was made by Craig to elicit interest and support of the WHRC in a sweat lodge event to be held in the second half of 2009. Positive discussion resulted, especially regarding possible links and synergies with other PSAC committees and interested members as the event would be held downtown at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House versus a rural location. Craig will follow-up with specifics and a possible funding request.

Donna provided an overview of the Activist’s Conference held in November 2008 in Edmonton.

WRHC was advised of the new name of the National Aboriginal, Inuit & Metis (NAIM) Network Circle, which has been changed to the National Aboriginal Peoples’ Circle/Network.

Don and Jocelyne will prepare the 2008 financial statements for approval at the next WHRC meeting, and will also prepare an application for 2009 funding from the Region.

Discussion held regarding WRHC participation and support for the upcoming RWC School Supply Drive. Vimbai (Chair of the Wpg Regional Women’s Cmt) to provide further details, but the drive is anticipated to be held at the next Riders vs. Bombers Banjo Bowl.

The committee was advised of a possible collaboration request from the RWC to join in their support of a Habitat for Humanity project. Vimbai will provide further details after the Women’s Cmt meeting and Jocelyne will forward to the WHRC email list.

The WHRC will be responsible for organizing and facilitating this year’s Annual Joint Committee Holiday Celebration. The committee selected Thursday, December 10, 2009 as it is also International Human Rights Day in celebration of the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 .

Email privacy was discussed and the WHRC determined that all future emails to be sent in BCC format. With the aim of increasing the visibility of WHRC notices beyond that of the local presidents, Jocelyne will approach the REVP to request permission to send WHRC notices to the separate email lists developed by interested parties (i.e. RWC, NAPCM etc).

Round-table discussion was held regarding future direction(s) for the WHRC, particularly regarding visibility, momentum, and meeting topics for the current year. Brainstorming was conducted resulting in multiple strategies and viewpoints. Consensus was to hold a separate Steering Meeting on July 21, 2009 to set goals, meeting schedule, and meeting topics. This meeting will be open only to members of the WHRC.

Don was nominated and acclaimed as the Chair of the WHRC for 2009. The committee thanked Don for his hard work in the many years he has been involved with the WHRC in many different capacities, and expressed its support of his direction for the current year. With the resignation of Joan Schroeder, Don Rogers will once again have signing authority for the Committee ‘s financial records at Crosstown Credit Union.

Chris was nominated and acclaimed as Secretary.

Meeting adjourned 18:55.