Winnipeg HRC Mtg Minutes (Jan 18 2011)

Present: Darlene McClure, Marc Danis, Chris Gagné, Donna Fedon, Gus Mardli, Chris Davis, Anita Allec, Jocelyne Poirier, Craig Wood, Hyacinth Jayasuriya

Minutes from the January 18, 2011 Winnipeg Human Rights Committee meeting

PSAC Winnipeg & Area Human Rights Committee: ELECTION OF OFFICERS
January 18th, 2011| Minutes

Present: Darlene McClure, Marc Danis, Chris Gagné, Donna Fedon, Gus Mardli, Chris Davis, Anita Allec, Jocelyne Poirier, Craig Wood, Hyacinth Jayasuriya.

Regrets: Vimbai Dune, Clint Wirth, Gerry Pendulak, Don Rogers

5:06– meeting called to order by Chair – Chris Davis

All present review HRC-WPG Mandate and Objectives. Floor opens to suggestions for updates, changes.  Discussion ensues.

  • At Chris Gagne’s suggestion: committee agrees to add the following content to the Mandate (content in red added):

  • “The Winnipegand Area Human Rights Committee will not condone discriminatory actions taken on any grounds including… gender identity, gender expression… ”

  • Committee discusses making changes to help “focus” content of final bullet point in objectives. 

  • Gather materials, support documents in various formats from the PSAC and other sources for membership use.

Revised Mandate and Objective doc attached.

Committee Reviews Minutes from last meetings, following noted:

  • Chris Davis encourages all to subscribe to the Jeffery Vallis news letter, those interested can subscribe by email Jeffrey @

  •  Jocelyne to be added as “present” for the Sept meeting.

  • Chris Davis confirms new speaker for Feb 15th event.  Dr. Quesnel will be speaking on bullying in the workplace.  Some having seen and others having heard of speaker’s talents, committee very enthusiastic to host Dr. Quesnel.. Members discuss a “theatre” style seating for the event to ensure enough room for anticipated attendance.

Motion to accept minutes with changes
Moved: Darlene McClure
Second: Hycinth Jayasuriya

Revised Minutes and event list attached.

Committee reviews REVP, Robyin Benson’s response letter to MP Candice Hoeppner’s reply to bother Gus Mardli’s request for her to vote in favour of Bill C-389.  Committee recognizes Bother Gus’s efforts and contributions.


Committee Reviews 2010 Financial statement and makes suggestions for 2011 Proposal. Final version of 2010 and proposed 2011. Jocelyne Poirier will provide final version to committee.

Committee discusses delegate costing for upcoming PSAC prairies convention. Committee pledges provision funding the following representation at conventions.

  • 1 delegate

  • 1 observer / alternate


Through elections process lead by PSAC representative Jocelyn Poirier, new committee confirmed.

  • Chair: Chris Davis

  • Secretary: Marc Danis

  • Treasurer: Darlene McClure


Though elections process lead by PSAC representative Jocelyne Poirier, the committee elects the following

  • Delegate: Chris Davis

  • Alternate: Chris Gagne

  • Observer: Craig Wood

Registration forms provided to elected, with instruction to return completed from as per submission guidelines by deadline, Jan 26.

Meeting adjourned 6:30

Next Meeting Feb 15, 2011