Winnipeg HRC Minutes (October 2014)

ATTENDEES:  Lorelei Topnik, Jacki Nanali, Gloria Kelly, Chris Little-Gagne, Guntar Butkans , Gus Mardli, Darlene McClure, Dawn MacAulay, Lindsey Sparks (PSAC Advisor)

1. Call to order at 5:25

2. Roundtable to introduce ourselves

3. Reading of PSAC Anti-Harassment Statement by Jackie Nanali – request by Darlene that a large print copy of the Statement be made available and kept in the binder (and why is there not a copy in the boardroom?)

4. Additions to Agenda (MFL, Calendar / Mobilization, Activities of the Committee Since April Meeting).

5. Adoption of April 2014 minutes on hold as they seem to be missing.

6. Banking for the Human Rights Committee

            Chris confirmed that new legislation requires that a “soft” credit check be done for each new signor (Crosstown Credit Union is our current banking institution), but we may shop around for a new one).  The first place we will look at is Assiniboine Credit Union, where the Woman’s Committee are currently banking.

7. Blankets and Coffee Drive – Partner with Downtown Biz – date for 2014

            Chris suggested a meeting in late November specifically for this, no other business It might bring out those that just want to volunteer for something specific

8. Use PSAC calendar for members to sign rand cards

                – to get new members to be involved, talk to members at different components and use calendars

9. Gloria gave an update on PSAC Prairies Summit:

                – Informing us to have new AGM done January

                – Women’s committee having a women’s day on December 6, 2014

                – Everything we do has to be used and done PSAC way or funding can not be done

                – We have to get focused and know what we are doing and going

 10. Chris informed us that the Prairie Regional Council (PRC) wants to have a rep dial in and be involved in our Human Rights Committee:

                – Standing Item:  See what PRC will offer us, what we would like from them

                –  We want to move HR forward

                – As a committee we can move things forward if we have a lot of members involved

                – We want to do things that we really care about

 11. Chris – Manitoba Federation Labour (MFL), what can we do and what is MFL doing?

                – City, Province, Federal elections, what can we do from our committees

 12. Gloria:

              – Sent letters and asked all 9 candidates to get a response and only one candidate responded to assist in moving forward for being active

 13. Chris:

                – What can we do as a committee to allow our members to be active

                – Pride Parade, Chris, Jackie and Lindsey were the only ones at the parade, but also saw that there was another local that had flags and where is the disconnect

                – Goal as committee to build one on one activists to move it forward

                – have PSAC day at Canadian Museum of Human Rights

                – Want to support our members

                – Celebrate Human Rights

 14. Gloria:

                – PJs to be donated from any locals

                – Nova House speaker

                – Women’s Committee Meeting November 18, 2014

 15. 7:03 pm Adjournment