Winnipeg HRC Minutes (Oct 2011)

Winnipeg Human Rights Committee

Minutes |October 18, 2011 | Speaker and viewing of “Justice for Aboriginal Peoples – It’s time!”

Present: Darlene McClure, Dawn MacAulay, Taye Zegege, Marianne Petaski, Alisha Bigelow, Natasha Mohammed, Sheri Parent,

Deanna Kimball-Cook (PSAC Staff)

Regrets: Chris Davis, Marc Danis, Don Rogers, Chris Gagne, Gus Mardli

5:30 p.m. – meeting was called to order by Darlene McClure

Committee agreed that committee members or members of the executive would take turns chairing the meetings until the AGM in January 2012

Previous Minutes from April 19, 2011 and May 17, 2011 were approved by the committee M/S Darlene/Alisha

The committee reviewed & discussed equity-related events and news, as follows:

  • Alisha – PSAC Aboriginal Peoples Conference which was held in Yellowknife Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 2011.  Over 100 delegates gathered in Yellowknife to take part in workshops, and debate resolutions.  Sister Alisha Bigelow was re-elected as the Prairies National Aboriginal Peoples Circle Representative (female) and Brother Alex George (from Regina) was re-elected as the Prairies National Aboriginal Peoples Circle Representative (male).  

  • November 20th is the Transgender Day of Remembrance – Sister Kimball-Cook will share information on community events in Winnipeg through the Rainbow Resource Centre also

“The Transgender Day of Remembrance … raises public awareness of hate crimes against transgender people, an action that current media doesn’t perform. Day of Remembrance publicly mourns and honors the lives of our brothers and sisters who might otherwise be forgotten. Through the vigil, we express love and respect for our people in the face of national indifference and hatred. Day of Remembrance reminds non-transgender people that we are their sons, daughters, parents, friends and lovers. Day of Remembrance gives our allies a chance to step forward with us and stand in vigil, memorializing those of us who’ve died by anti-transgender violence.” (quote from

  • Information was shared about International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 Dec 2011.  The United Nations theme this year is “Together for a better world for all: Including persons with disabilities in development”.  More information:

Speaker: Laurel Gardiner, Director Frontiers Foundation (Maintoba)

Frontiers Foundation is a non-profit aboriginal voluntary service organization that promotes the advancement of economically and socially disadvantaged communities. Through the Operation Beaver Program, with volunteers from across the globe, we work with aboriginal communities to provide affordable housing and improvements in education. With the support of government and charitable donations, both from the private sector and individuals, we operate within Canadian borders, and overseas.

Laurelexplained that housing quality and quantity in a community is a powerful determinant of health.  She provided information on how in 2001 (based on census data) Manitoba First Nations had the lowest Human Development Index in Canadaand that the gap between First Nations and the general population is the widest in Manitoba.  Frontiers Foundation provides training to community members through their Standind tree to standing home program, where community members use their knowledge and gain training on how to build safe, affordable and efficient homes in their communities using local resources.

Alisha introduced the PSAC “Justice for Aboriginal Peoples – It’s Time!” video that was launched on June 21st, 2011Aboriginal Solidarity Day.  More information about this PSAC campaign and to view the video please visit:

Finance reportprovided by Darlene McClure – Current bank balance $5819.04 .  The following expenses were approved to be paid

  • $426.56 – PSAC Prairies re: Winnipeg HRCConvention delegate

  • $47.04 – Oscar’s Deli (food for Oct 18th meeting)

The committee agreed that Jocelyne Poirier should be removed from the bank account as one of the cosignors and Deanna Kimball will be added as a cosignor, until the AGM is held in January 2012. 

Next meeting:Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meeting Ajourned, 7:10 pm