Winnipeg HRC Minutes (November 2014)

Attended: Christopher Little-Gagne, Gloria Kelly, Jackie Nanali, Anna Goldfeld, Christine McJannet, Sheilagh Hanson

Regrets: Gus Mardli, Gunars Butkans, Dawn MacAulay, Melody Raabe, Lorelei Topnik

1. Call Meeting to Order 5:15 pm

2. Planning for Blanket / Coffee Drive

• Proposed date for February 2015
• Assist people in the cold during the winter season
• Theory began with blankets, coffee at dumpsters

3. Thoughts and Ideas

• Assistance from Downtown Biz or Winter Patrol
• Find out what the need is, for example, some places socks are only distributed if the individual exchange
• Homelessness is an activity that PSAC wants to eliminate
• Our goal is to be active and show in community that we care

  • Women’s Committee – assisting woman with pajamas

  • Area Council Committee – assisting Aboriginal youth

  • HR Committee – assisting the homeless

4. To do

• Contact Downtown Biz (Chris Little-Gagne)
• Contact Siloam Mission and Salvation Army (Jackie Nanali)

  • Ask what they need and how we can also help by donating time

• Contact Daycare (Gloria Kelly)
• Meet in January 2015 to finalize
• Contact Local Presidents to be involved

5. Need

• Volunteers for walking / assistance
• Volunteers for donations
• Posters to locals
• Donations, products of coffee, tea, blankets, baby solution, etc.

6. Adjournment of meeting 6:07 pm, next meeting will be determined.